Congrats for the Children’s Feature (Issue 89)! Thank you! And blessings to Lakshya and Deeksha!

Congratulations on bringing out a beautiful feature on Children’s Literature (Issue 89, Jan-Feb 2020). And thank you very much for including in it my articles “Aesop’s Fables and Panchatantra” and “Children’s Education vis-à-vis Sataka Sahitya.” The poem “A petting tale” by Lakshya Vissapragada and the letter “To my Dad” by Deeksha Vissapragada are very sweet. Mother’s Blessings to them.


R R Gandikota, Kakinada    Jan 30,2020

“Songs sculptural” – Issue 87 (Sep-Oct 2019)

Atreya Sarma’s translation of three great Telugu song-writers reflects and brings forth honestly the essence of the original writers’ appreciation of the sculptural magnificence of Andhra rulers.


MSR Seshu, Hyderabad    Nov 03,2019

“Adivi Bapiraju and Sculpture” – Issue 87 (Sep-Oct 2019)

Dittakavi Syamala Devi does full justice to her article “Adivi Bapiraju and Sculpture” (Feature: Writing on Art) and Atreya Sarma’s translation, as always, does not read like a translation.


Subhash Chandra, Delhi    Nov 03,2019

Just skip one issue, to cut the delay in release of the issues
The July-August issue of Muse India was released today, September 22, 2019, with a usual apology for the late release. This cycle of late releases has been going on for several issues now. As a well-wisher and a reader who looks forward to reading the contents of Muse India, I would like to suggest a simple solution. Just skip one issue so the next issue will be on time around the middle of the two-month period. Thus, in mid-November your 87th issue will be for November-December. Then you won't have to keep apologizing endlessly.
[Thank you for the well-meaning suggestion, dear friend. Since however, we have already identified the Features up to the Jan-Feb 2020 issue and the Editors concerned are on the job, it would be difficult to skp an issue at this stage. However, we are sure we can cut the delays gradually, before it's not too late. We have already contemplated and initiated some measures in that direction... Chief Editor.]


Mir M. Ali, Mississauga, Canada    Sep 25,2019

"MADNESS OF THE WORD" - A congratulable Feature (MI 85: May-Jun 2019)
Congratulations to all the contributors to the feature 'Madness of the Word.' Semeen Ali must have had a task on her hands when choosing the narratives and poems to include in this edition, especially if they were all of such a high standard. The number of talented writers is incredible; such a diverse interpretation on the theme. Each and every one deserves congratulations. There are a few that remain memorable but to list each one would be quite a task for me! I will mention but a few, but honestly they all deserve to be listed! Birdhouse by Annapurna Sharma; A Heart full of Love, Sunny Amin; The Voice, Tamoghna Datta; The Bridge, Sushant Dhar; The Painters, Sinchan Chatterjee; Madness of the Word, Leonard Dabydeen; Love or Madness, Saumya Baijal; Street Theatre, Somali Pattnaik and many more! Semeen Ali explains the theme in an excellent manner and thanks go to her for this excellent selection. A fascinating title to explore so well done everyone! 


Betty Oldmeadow, England    Aug 07,2019

Atreya Sarma’s wonderful note/remarks on Girish Karnad (MI 85)

I just read Atreya Sarma’s wonderful note/remarks on Girish Karnad and was very sad to read about his passing. Though I never met him in person I read his plays, and though I won’t be able to revisit India again due to my poor health (at the age of almost 84), I miss him as I am missing so many writers and literary critics of my generation and even the previous one like Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao and P. Lal.

I always look forward to receiving Muse India and go through virtually all its articles. Perhaps I find the strength to again contribute a small piece to this excellent outlet of information and critical exchange of Indian literature(s).


Jörg-Dieter Riemenschneider, Kronberg im Taunus, Germany    Jul 20,2019

Thank you Muse India for your greetings of 4 Jun 2019

Muse India's greetings by way of an announcement on 04 June 2019 in this column on account of my selection to the PSP (Police Service of Pakistan) have filled my heart with so much warmth. I thank Muse India and its Chief Editor U Atreya Sarma for it and  also for welcoming me to continue to be a part of the Muse India family.


Kainat Azhar, Pakistan    Jun 09,2019

Feature on Punjabi Literature - Guru Nanak, Its Greatest Progenitor (MI 84) is praiseworthy
The special issue of THE MUSE INDIA, a very popular E-JOURNAL , dedicated to Guru NANAK'S 550 th anniversary and named as PUNJABI LITERATURE- GURU NANAK, ITS GREATEST PROGENITOR deserves full throat admiration and praise. It also delineates its guest editor Dr Tejwant Singh Gill's scholarly critical ability and evaluative attitude towards  this issue. 28 articles including the editorial from Dr  Gill aptly display the vision, teachings and the mission of Guru Nanak who belonged to none but the entire humanity of all ages.



Hearty congrats to Kainat Azhar, the PSP recruit

Muse India is glad to share the happy tidings that Ms Kainat Azhar, a Pakistani writer and Guest Editor of the “Feature: Mental Health” in Muse India (Issue 81: Sep-Oct 2018) has been selected for the PSP (Police Service of Pakistan), equivalent of our IPS (Indian Police Service). She had also contributed a poem ‘Comatose’ to the “Feature: Sufism & Sufi Literature” in Muse India (Issue 73: May-Jun 2017). She was also featured with her poem ‘Pukaar’ (Calling out aloud) by Muse India’s Chief Editor U Atreya Sarma in his Sunday poetry column “Wordsmith” in The Hans India daily (17 Sep 2017). We wish Kainat a glorious career.



U Atreya Sarma, Bengaluru    Jun 04,2019

Thanks for review of my book ‘The Legend of Krishna – In Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan

I thank GSP Rao, Managing Editor for his nice review of my book ‘The Legend of Krishna – In Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan,’ along with an interview of me as part of the review, in Issue 84 (Mar-Apr 2019). Such encouraging words give me strength for my next endeavour.



Pradip Zaveri, Vadodara    May 31,2019

Selfless commitment & promotion of literature

Warm congratulations to you, Atreya... Your selfless commitment to and promotion of literature is rare and matchless!

Subhash Chandra   Delhi    Apr 03, 2019


Subhash Chandra  , Delhi    Apr 03,2019

My thanks to Muse India

Thank you dear Atreya! Muse India and its editors respected Surya Rao, Ambika Ananth and you Atreya Sarma Uppaluri, have all played a great role in shaping and honing my poetry writing skills! I can never thank Muse India enough for the platform they provided new writers like me! Ever grateful to the GREAT THREE of Muse India!

Padmaja Iyengar     Hyderabad    Apr 03, 2019


Padmaja Iyengar     , Hyderabad    Apr 03,2019

Wonderful line-up

How fantastic Sir! Wonderful line-up, once again. Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to you; and to Charanjeet Kaur ma’am for presenting such a memorable Feature on Indian English Writing.

Kalyanee Rajan   Delhi    Apr 03, 2019


Kalyanee Rajan , Delhi    Apr 03,2019

Congrats Atreya ji

Congrats Atreya ji. I would love to go through the writings in Issue 83 and try to make it in future.

KS Mani   Chennai    Apr 03, 2019


KS Mani , Chennai    Apr 03,2019


Congratulations to all who got published in Issue 83. Happy reading.

Sushant Dhar   Anantnag, J & K    Apr 03,2019


Sushant Dhar   , Anantnag, J & K    Apr 03,2019

So quick and magical!

Congratulations and thanks to the Muse India team. I am extremely glad to see my work in Issue 83 of Muse India... And, wow, thanks a lot to Atreya Sir for so promptly updating my profile! So quick and magical!

Rachana Pandey , Varanasi    Apr 03, 2019


Rachana Pandey , Varanasi    Apr 03,2019


Thank you so much. So happy to see the Jan-Feb issue of MI has come out. Thrilled that it has carried my short story (‘Twilight House’) and book review (‘Heightened Senses’).

Malsawmi Jacob, Bengaluru    Apr 03, 2019


Malsawmi Jacob, Bengaluru    Apr 03,2019

MI 83: A heavy dose

The present issue is a heavy dose. Gone through some poems, U Atreya Sarma’s book review (‘A Basketful of Lies’) and of GSP Rao’s review (‘The History of India for Children’). Very good.

Ramakrishna Rao Gandikota, Kakinada    Apr 03, 2019


Ramakrishna Rao Gandikota, Kakinada    Apr 03,2019

MI 83 (Jan-Feb 2019) – Hearty congrats to the MI team

Hearty congratulations to the team of Muse India.

Swapna Behera, Bhubaneswar    Apr 03, 2019


Swapna Behera, Bhubaneswar    Apr 03,2019

Thank you, friends, for blessing Harsha & Katyayani

I thank all the following literary friends for their kind blessings to the MI 83 sponsor Harsha & his bride Katyayani. [By the way, Harsha is my son.]

Swapna Behera (Bhubaneswar): “All my blessings to Dear Katyayani and Dr Sri Harsha.”

Ramakrishna Rao Gandikota (Kakinada): “Mother's blessings to the newly wed Shri Harsha & Katyayani.”

Kalyanee Rajan (Delhi): “Himalayan best wishes to Shri Harsha and Katyayani for a wonderful journey ahead! Congratulations to you too on this count. Happiness galore! Touchwood!”

Padmaja Iyengar (Hyderabad): “A big Godbless to Harsha and Katyayani for a wonderful married life ahead! Great news this is!”

Dr Subhash Chandra (Delhi): “Warm congratulations to you, Atreya and your illustrious son, Dr Harsha Uppaluri. And blessings to the newlyweds.”

Dr Sapna Dogra (Delhi): “Heartiest congratulations to your son and Katyayani ji. May God bless them with happy life together.”

Dr Lakshmi Kannan (Delhi): “... your son's wedding. How did it go? Very well, I bet, with the blessings of your Pujya father. My Namaskaram to him! | You were so worried at that point, like anyone would be, considering his age. But isn’t it marvellous how the elders can prove us wrong! | I prayed a lot to Lord Balaji that your son's wedding should be a grand success and that your Pujya father should enjoy every minute of his dear grandson's wedding. I believe in my prayers, even if no one else does!

“My best wishes for the newlyweds. I wish them a long, happy, fulfilling life together, and packed with good work. 

“I’ll share with you how my mother, frail and very ill during my second son Sridhar’s engagement, gave us the surprise of our lives. We made all arrangements for her comfort, she had a para-medic attendant to look after her. Sridhar quietly stole into her room just to do a silent Namaskaram and take her blessings. And what did he see? A grandmother fully dressed in her best Kanjeevaram, jewellery in place, with a nice handbag, all ready to leave for the venue. Atreya, I can't describe how happy everyone was! She insisted on attending the engagement.” 

U Atreya Sarma, Hyderabad    Apr 03, 2019


U Atreya Sarma, Hyderabad    Apr 03,2019

Really enjoyed the section edited by Jaydeep Sarangi Aroma of The Heart, it is wonderful to see and read younger poets, after all they are the future of poetry, we should encourage and nurture them, congratulations. 

Robert Harle, Australia    Jan 02,2019


Robert Harle, Australia    Mar 27,2019

Aroma of the Heart! 
The exclusive on the poetry by the young and by definition restive---if not revolutionary---edited by Jaydeep Sarangi is sheer delight in terms of syntax, imagery, sounds and innovative forms. Aptly titled, it really captures the beats of young hearts beating for different causes and ideas. And their flawless translation into poetic idioms, all unique.  It was, for a change, like being in that refreshing Young-istan of the urban India expressing itself in metaphors---all renewed---and returning as completely restored, Dil-wise!  Enjoyed the heady trip. More of such---as they say these days, the youngsters, wearing their trademark baseball caps frontside back, faded jeans and Ts---cool stuff. Kudos to MI and Jaydeep, the veteran, for thinking of such a talented demography going lyrical, despite all-around cynicism and agnosticism of a mass culture. 

Sunil Sharma, Mumbai    Jan 01,2019




Sunil Sharma, Mumbai    Mar 27,2019

It's fascinating to read AROMA OF THE HEART. It is out of the ordinary to think of a special feature on the poems by the youth, below the age of 30. The range is broad and inclusive. I must congratulate Jaydeep Sarangi for giving us this rare opportunity to read this amazing body of poetry. Cheers! 

Sudha, Salem,TN    Jan 01,2019


Sudha, Salem,TN    Mar 27,2019

Dr KV Ramakrishnamacharya & his daughter Dr Kadambini get President of India’s recognition

Dear readers, you may have seen the interview of Dr KV Ramakrishnamacharya in the Feature on Sanskrit Literature (MI 80, Jul-Aug 2018). We are glad to share the happy tidings that he gets the prestigious President of India’s Certificate of Honour (2017) for his contribution to the field of Sanskrit. The announcement by Ministry of HRD, Government of India on 15 Aug 2018 says: “The distinction is conferred once a year on the Independence Day in recognition of substantial contribution in the field of Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Pali, Prakrit, Classical Oriya, Classical Kannada, Classical Telugu and Classical Malayalam.” Dr KV Ramakrishnamacharya is among the 26 awardees for the year 2017. A former VC of JRR Sanskrit University, Jaipur and former senior Professor at Rashtriya Sanskrita Vidyapeetha, Tirupati, he is presently Chief Advisor to the Research Group of Samskrita Bharati, Bengaluru.

And Dr Ramakrishnamacharya has reason to be doubly happy because his daughter too has received the President of India’s Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman for 2017 for her contribution to the field of Sanskrit. She is Dr K Kadambini, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Education, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati. Her doctoral thesis was “Building Anusaraka (a machine translation system) from English to Sanskrit – A Study.”

The awards will be given away in a special function to be got up in New Delhi in a few months’ time.

For further details visit:


U Atreya Sarma, Bengaluru    Aug 22,2018

Pankaj Saha's poems could have been better translated
Jaydeep Sarangi's translation of Pankaj Saha's poems in the July-Aug issue exemplifies the difficulty of translating poetry. Pankaj Saha is a senior poet but the translations here published garble both sense and language so that one is unable to respond to them. Moreover there are irritating typological errors unacceptable in a reputed webzine like Muse India. I wonder how Jaydeep, a veteran poet, editor and academician coud be so casual about so hallowed a task.

Tapati Gupta, Kolkata    Aug 01,2018

[Dr Sarangi’s response: “Translation is always a matter of fuzzy possibilities. All suggestions are welcome!

Normally, we don't edit translations of regional works, particularly submitted by senior writers and translators, not knowing the context of the original.    - Managing Editor]


GSP Rao, Managing Editor, Hyderabad    Aug 02,2018

Devulapalli Krishnasastry's short fiction

Enjoyed reading Devulapalli Krishnasastry in the issue 79. Short fiction that is humorous indeed. Subtle humour as he managed not to lose the shirt! Shall look up his writings inTelugu too.


S Abburi, Bangalore    Jul 13,2018

It’s a pleasure dealing with the Editors

Dear Surya Saab, Thank you for your email. It is always nice to connect with you, Ambika ji, Atreya Saab and contribute to the journal. Prof. Prasad is a sensitive editor and it is a pleasure to deal with him.

More power to you and Team-Muse India.


Sanjeev Sethi, Mumbai    Jun 03,2018

Muse India Issue 79 has a class of its own!

Dear Surya Rao Ji, it gives me a lot of pleasure to see Muse India Journal continuously and regularly coming out with its prestigious issues. Each issue offers to the literary minds a variety of literary tastes of poetry, fiction and other brilliant allegorical narratives. The latest 79th Issue of the journal has a class of its own in terms of the quality of the content and presentation.

I extend my heartiest congrats to each member of the editorial team whose tireless efforts in meticulously editing and publishing the work of all writers in this Issue are greatly valued.

I ardently hope that MI Journal will continue its journey on the path of excellence in all future Issues, and we, authors, promise we will also contribute our "labour of love" regularly to make its mark as a unique journal among literary periodicals of India and beyond. 


M J Aslam, Srinagar    Jun 03,2018

Muse India creating ripples

Dear Sir, Muse India has been creating a ripple effect in the literary domain within and beyond the borders of our country. Thank you for being instrumental in shaping a literary platform of this kind. You deserve a lot for this. I also thank you for picking up my short fiction for this issue, it's indeed awesome.


Pitambar Naik, Hyderabad    Jun 03,2018

Kudos for maintaining quality and regularity

Dear Mr Surya Rao, you and your team deserve kudos for maintaining the quality and regularity of the prestigious ejournal, MUSE INDIA. While you have been generous in giving a lot of credit to the contributors, I believe, together with many others, that Muse India is a wonderful platform that motivates writers like us to keep writing.

Mr Rao, we are aware that you and the others involved in publishing the journal do it for the love of the 'word,' and that is highly commendable.

Thank you for publishing my short story, "Good Morning Sir, Good Evening, Sir."


Subash Chandra, New Delhi    Jun 03,2018

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