Issue No. 75 (Sep-Oct 2017)

FEATURE – Jnanpith Laureate C Narayana Reddy

Image courtesy: Smt C Ganga

The greatness of the multifaceted and charismatic Dr C Narayana Reddy is showcased by over a score of writings by a galaxy of litterateurs, along with a nostalgic photo album, as collected by Guest Editor Darbhasayanam Srinivasacharya; and conceived & redacted by U Atreya Sarma, Chief Editor. Of special interest is the interview of C Ganga, Cinare’s daughter, by Darbhasayanam. >>>


hazaaraun khwaahishen aisi ke har khwaahish pe dam nikle
bahut nikle mere armaan laikin phir bhi kam nikle <
(Thousands of desires I have had, each worth dying for
Many have been fulfilled, but still not enough) – Mirza Ghalib

SM Shahed quotes several delightful she’rs in his essay on ‘The Joys of Urdu Poetry.’ (Literary Articles and Discussions section)

I have always listened for poems, they come sometimes like bodies come out of a bog, almost complete, seeming to have been laid down a long time ago, surfacing with a touch of mystery […]” - Seamus Heaney, Irish Nobel Laureate, quoted in Ananya Saha’s article ‘Seamus Heaney’s Bog Poems.’ (Articles and Discussion section)

“And then thakuma would go back to the old story, repeating it with that same flux of emotions with which she has told me the story so many times before. Thakuma, eighty-seven years of age, her memory failing her, tells me the story as if never told before,” in Anindita Kar’s engaging short story ‘Puti Maliyani.’ (Fiction section)

On Rose
Stemmed amid my pleasure ground / Lies transient perfection /
Ephemeral, not immortal / One slip and she is gone. / Possess this fragile moment / Breathtakingly displayed / A paragon just clinging on / Unscathed for one short day. br> Read Betty Oldmeadow in Poetry Section

“In his final hours, he wanted to see eight-month old Cady. When she was brought, he lovingly nestled her in his arms. As his respiration started failing acutely, he told Lucy, “I’m ready,” indicating that the breathing support could be removed and morphine started, leading to his death,” GSP Rao reviewing the heart-breaking memoir of Paul Kalanithi. (Book Reviews section)..

Cinare breathed Poetry

“In his poetic journey that spanned over a period of 70 years, C Narayana Reddy had achieved immense perfection. By the time he was 85, he wrote as many books. This wouldn’t be possible for anybody unless he breathes poetry,” writes Dr N Gopi (pic) of the Jnanapith awardee. (Feature on C Narayana Reddy) 


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