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Our Contributing Editor, Mohammad Zahid, has made this brief Focus on Kashmiri Poetry possible, conscientiously, under circumstances that we all hope will improve soon. In his words, ‘some surprisingly good poetry’ has emerged from these restraints, poetry which deals with ‘varied emotions ranging from personal grief’… to ‘those expressing the general situation in the valley’, with the hopeful message in the words of Dina Nath Nadim, ‘Tomorrow the World Will Exude Beauty.’ >>>

Here is a wealth of Indian literature in all its diverse hues - Fiction, Poetry, Conversations and Elucidations which reflect the challenges of translations and transcreations across languages. These challenges are compelling because they take you to the depth of the writing. As Vivek Shanbag says, ‘Many times, even a writer does not fully understand how such depths are reached.’ That is ‘the magic of writing’ which translations seek to convey in totally different lingual and cultural settings. >>>


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Charanjeet Kaur provides a glimpse of the scholarship in the current academic scenario. The articles take a look at the novel form, at issues of marginality, geographical consciousness… and Vishwajyoti Ghosh’s trend setting graphic novel Delhi Calm. We speak to Usha Akella (in pic) and Vihang A Naik, and listen to the reflections of Sunil Sharma >>>

The section offers reviews of six books of fiction on widely varying themes, including Jayendrina Ray’s (in pic) review of “The Light of his Clan” by Chetan Raj Shrestha; a mountaineer’s travelogue of the less-frequented Himalayas in the 1930s; and a compelling anthology of international poetry on oppression and empowerment of women. >>>

“Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds.” Seven gifted narrators take us into the worlds smeared with disdain and aloofness; inhuman and vicious caste conflicts; and vice. Also, into the nostalgic world of childhood springs, as Avni Singh (in pic) does with her tale. Take a walk through a whole gamut of human emotions. >>>

Ambika Ananth presents the work of 13 poets, which, as she says, ‘with their sheer vigour and sincerity, finesse and intensity, … show how poetry is to be conceptualised and executed successfully,’ in the process, making readers ‘more sensitive, active and responsible in our thought and perception.’ The rendering of the work of the Chinese poet Hongri Yuan sits cosily with K Pankajam’s (in pic) ‘experiment with truth.’ >>>

‘Contemporary young art: A glimpse of work by 12 artists from 12 states’ who have completed their visual art education a few years ago.’ Priyadarshi Patnaik and Pinaki Gayen curate a collection, a ‘vignette of contemporary Young Art,’ sensitive, innovative and supple. >>>

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