FEATURE: Bharatiya Jnanpith Award Winner – Viswanatha Satyanarayana, the Literary Colossus

U Atreya Sarma presents a comprehensive and scholarly feature on one of the most significant voices in Telugu literature whose writing needs to be more widely recognised on the national and international levels; given the immensity and range of Viswanatha Satyanarayana’s output he insists, though, that what we could highlight is ‘a small but appetising and representative sample of [the] life, personality, philosophy and work’ of this ‘complete’ literary genius, who, in the words of Dr C Narayana Reddy ‘took up every genre – novel, story, drama, epic poem, criticism, et al – and produced top-class works’ >>>


This issue of Muse India is sponsored by a well-wisher who prefers to remain anonymous, in honour of and as a tribute to the eminent writer, the Bharatiya Jnanpith Award winner Viswanatha Satyanarayana.


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Two Conversations – with the strident activist and feminist scholar Kamla Bhasin (in pic) and a young police officer-cum-writer from Kashmir, Shailender Singh – present thoughtful insights on women and the state of lesser known languages like Dogri. Erudite articles by Sachin Ketkar, Srinivas Reddy explore issues like the literary ethos of a city like Baroda and a much-quoted Sanskrit poem. Essays on the work of Mahshweta Devi, Laxman Gaekwad, and fictional representations of the Bhopal gas tragedy add to the diversity of this section >>>

Eight book reviews by our team of reviewers bring the latest books onto the shelves for our readers. U Atreya Sarma (in pic) evaluates Tanya Mendonsa’s lyrical and nostalgic poems, while Ranjeev Dubey’s adventures as an India lawyer are scrutinised by Seshail Kamana, apart from diaspora, science and the scholarly survey of the stories of the snake goddess Manasa in Kaisar Haq’s book >>>

Introducing three new writers to Muse India – Dhanush Lakkaraju (in pic), Parminder Singh and Rajendra Shepherd – U Atreya Sarma selects seven short stories from the repertoire to highlight the social and political consciousness of the writers and the form: stories of suffering, tragedy and trauma are juxtaposed with ‘stories’ which deal with ‘other facets like happiness and humour’ >>>

Ambika Ananth cites the poet Andrea Lee Beliveau who says – “we write poetry to hear our own voices whisper, sing and yell. Writing poetry helps us to find what we must, to celebrate life, to experience depth” to define the work of the poets presented here. K Sharifa’s strong feminist voice, Premjish’s (in pic) ‘Shennigans of a Shaman’ and other poems of loss, pain, nature and rebellion bring in the whole gamut of poetic and lived experience >>>

Pinaki Gayen and Priyadarshi Patnaik take us to Pathangarh Mal, Dindori district, Madhya Pradesh, to take a look at Gond art in which we find an interesting mix of tradition and modernity. The twelve visuals presented trace the journey of artists like Jangarh Singh Shyam from anonymity to international forums, and the spead of this art form from mud walls to the latest art materials >>>

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