Issue No. 77 (Jan-Feb 2018)

FEATURE – Indian College Fiction

As many as 9 gripping stories by university/college students with thematic and creative variety… presented by Dr Subhash Chandra, Guest Editor and U Atreya Sarma, who observe: “The present stories bust the myth that the young think and write only about love and romance.” >>>


A tender and touching story, Fruit from Flower, by Devi Pounguzali V… about the friendship between two college girls… one rich, the other poor… to the sneering envy of the snobbish lot… (FEATURE: INDIAN COLLEGE FICTION)

The story, The Purpose, by Abhishek Sharma is a complex, multi-layered story…surrealism and realism deftly intermixed… explores the unsettled question of re-incarnation. (FEATURE: INDIAN COLLEGE FICTION)

Auritra Munshi writes about the impact of Baul songs, poetry and culture… and how it has corresponded with the philosophy of Tagore, and Merleau-Ponty, a Western philosopher. (LITERARY SECTION)

Arunima Ray writes on the adaptation politics of Mahasveta Devi’s Rudali… and how her work has been adapted into stage and screen dimensions…complimenting the author’s primary vision. (LITERARY SECTION)

‘Connoisseur of Cutlery’ – a brilliant & witty story by Gomathi Mohan, captures the vanity of high life. The mood varies from innocent awe to unambiguous ridicule topped with some spectacular moments of revelation. (FICTION)

‘The Twice Married Man’ by Amrit Sen is a splendid and thought provoking story... on the plight of Bishu burdened by the woes of city... and longing for a bit of rest…and a bhatiali song by the river breeze. (FICTION)

Rishitha Shetty’s poetry stands out in its departure from predictability in the choice of her themes and expression – transcending the hackneyed topics and stereotypes. (POETRY)

Annamacharya’s sankeertanas (devotional lyrics)… propagating immense wisdom, self-enquiry and un-corrupt devotion towards the Supreme – in fine translation by M Rajagopalachary. (POETRY)

GSP Rao reviews Manaku of Guler, a priceless Art monograph by ‘Padma Bhushan’ B N Goswamy and also a Conversation with him. And see reviews of 8 more books. (BOOK REVIEWS)

Sunaina Jain reviews ‘Padma Shri’ Parveen Talha’s A Word Thrice Uttered: Stories on Life’s Realities touching upon Muslim women’s problems including Triple Talaq… And see reviews of 8 more books. (BOOK REVIEWS)

‘Padma Bhushan’ Prof BN Goswamy takes us on a tour of his pioneering discovery of the astounding Pahari paintings of epic/mythological themes by the 18~th century Manaku, Nainsukh and their father Pandit Seu vis-à-vis his monograph Manaku of Guler… a region in the present Himachal Pradesh… in conversation with G S P Rao… (ART GALLERY)

‘Ravana sends another spy mission, headed by Shardula.’ A painting by Manaku from the Siege of Lanka series. Painted folio from Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana. 60 x 82.7 cm. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Ross-Coomaraswamy Collection. (ART GALLERY)


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