Indian literature – the vast amalgam of writings and folklore of all Indian languages, including English, and of Indian diaspora - has been strongly influenced by socio-political developments since Independence and increased engagement with global cultures. This has also led to enhanced focus on translations. While there have been noticeable trends in writings at regional levels, swayed by local circumstances, there have also been broad-based movements across the country, with voices of the marginalised finding utterance.

Taking a look at where Indian language literatures stand today are distinguished scholars from across the nation, several of them Contributing Editors of Muse India. The consensus: Indian Literature is thriving and kicking! >>>

Special Issue

Indian Literature Today


A special highlight of this Issue is the scintillating poetry of several eminent poets, writing in English and Indian languages, including Keki Daruwalla (pic), Dileep Jhaveri, Hemant Divate, K Satchidanandan, Kynpham Nongkynrih, Mamang Dai, Meena Kandasamy and Tabish Khair among others. >>>


As a sequel to our coverage on performing arts in the previous Issue, we take a look at literature of the Visual Arts in India. In fact, visual arts, performing arts and literature all blend finely in popular culture and co-evolve, says Priyadarshi Patnaik, editor of the section. “Whether we talk about films or about huge puja installations all over the country, in spite of how we may still differentiate between high art and pastiche, we have to admit that very creative artists – litterateurs, script writers, visual artists, musicians, crafts artists – work in teams to create remarkable productions and ‘spectacles’.”

The coverage includes certain arts considered only peripheral for long, and works of modern art and photography by the young. >>>


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Intense engagement with scholar, cultural personality Ananya Jahanara Kabir (pic) and Meena Alexander’s deeply explorative self-conversation are the highlights of the section. Four articles in the section deal with marginalised, oppressed groups while the fifth is on ‘The Other Gitanjali’ the world hardly knows about. >>>

Ajit Kumar, Ambika Ananth, Durba Raychaudhury, Heera Nawaz, Jaydeep Sarangi, K K Srivastava, Sajal Kumar Bhattacharya (pic), and Saptarshi Mallick all treat us to insightful reviews of books that span poetry, the very first narrative in English by an Indian author and colonial history. >>>

Those with pragmatic outlook and a sense of accommodation seem better placed to face struggles in life. Dealing with such broader issues of concern are the stories by Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Dawood Ibrahim, Gangadharan V (pic), Kartikeya Bajpai, Krupa Ge, Lopa Mukherjee, Malvika Gupta, and Mona Dash. >>>

Feb 7 - Bhalchandra Nemade wins Jnanpith 2014

Feb 6 - Usha Kishore's second book of poetry launched

Feb 6 - Semeen Ali's new book of poetry 'Transitions'

Feb 6 - R K Biswas’ new collection of Stories

Jan 27 - State Funeral for R K Laxman

Jan 4 - Sachidananda Mohanty’s new book released by Routledge

Dec 20 - Mani Rao’s new book of poems

Dec 16 - Abhay K’s ‘The Seduction of Delhi’ delights


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