This is Your Space to post your work online! While the bi-monthly e-journal section of this site is thematic in its content and offers space for serious literary submissions, Your Space is meant for more impromptu and general submissions. You may post your poems and prose here. You may also post your views on various issues when they are still exercising you. However, writings should be non-political in nature and avoid controversial and sensitive issues. For the young readers, this space offers an outlet for their creative urges. They can post their poems or short fiction.

Here you can comment and react to postings of others. Grab your keyboard and tap-away your appreciation or disagreement. This is the only way to engage in a healthy discussion and contribute in moulding good public opinion on various issues.

Matter posted in Your Space will be carried unedited, except for correcting glaring mistakes. You have to mind your language though, as this is a public forum. So, maintain etiquette in your expression and debate. While Muse India editors would hate to play censors, they will intervene in case the language or the content of postings become objectionable in their opinion.

While posting your work, the following may be borne in mind –

a.    To post your work, you may either key-in the content in the space provided or copy-and-paste from a word file only file and never from another Internet source like a blog or a website.

b.    Always use Times New Roman font with size 12 or Verdana font with size 10.

c.    Keep the text simple and plain. Don't do any decorative work or use colours.

d.    Give your name, place and email address.

e.    Furnish your brief bionote and photo while posting your work for the first time. Your profile will be created out of this that will appear alongside your postings. You can update your profile and photo anytime by writing to the editor of Your Space.

f.     Your Space is not suitable for long literary articles. All prose postings should be restricted to around 800-1000 words. Else, split and post the text in parts.



MUSE INDIA and YOUR SPACE work with both Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome. Working with other browsers could cause problems. While working with IE, please set 'Compatibility View' 'On' to make the version on your system compatible with the version of YS software.

Posting of submissions of original works and responses may take a few hours as we don't have staff continuously attending to this work. So, avoid repeatedly posting the same matter. In case of doubt whether your material has been received properly by us, you may write to the editor of Your Space. In case you have difficulty entering and sending your content, then you may send these as attachment to email to the editor.

It may be noted that posting of work in Your Space is not akin to getting your work published in the bi-monthly ejournal Muse India, which happens only after a rigorous appraisal and acceptance of the work by the editors of the journal.


Please preserve your work posted here both as soft and hard copies. Due to large number of postings made here, we display only the postings of the last 2 or 3 months. Older postings are regularly deleted. Once deleted, retrieving these records is very difficult and requests from members to help salvage their deleted work cannot be taken up. 


Mr. Rajendra Singh Baisthakur is the Editor of Your Space. In case of any query or difficulty, you may write to him at, or to his individual email: 


Images used in Your Space

Muse India and Your Space are non-commercial and free sites for popularising good literature. We use pleasing images to illustrate some of the poems/works carried in Your Space. This is basically to add to aesthetics. The images are usually taken from various websites that offer free downloads. We give credit to the site under each image. However, in case any person/photographer/artist has objection to his/her work being used here, kindly let us know, we'll have the particular image removed immediately.