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Swapna Sanchita
Swapna Sanchita

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In a world where

A sentence
Broken up
Into pieces
Is poetry

A splattering
Of colours
Across the canvas
Is art

Meaningful randoms
Make realities
The whole
Is just a tiny part

A tied up
Rendering of the soul
Is love

A beat
With a catchphrase
Shouted aloud
Is music

Cacophonous chants
Create divinity
The loudest
Is the closest to God
An ending
Of all that
Kept one human
Is freedom

A shiny
Piece of nothingness
Amassed, cherished
Is wealth

A moment,
Captured with a click
Is truth

Made up lives
Unreal, imagined
A Hagiography
Is what eventually survives


Issue 97 (May-Jun 2021)

  • Editorial
    • Semeen Ali: Editorial Note
  • Poems
    • Anu Karippal
    • Anushka Mitra
    • Aswathy Balachandran
    • Bivash Ranjan Mondal
    • Ken W Simpson
    • Kewal Chandra Lama – Trans. by Raja Puniani
    • Kewal Chandra Lama – Trans. by Shraddha Mani Pradhan
    • Kripi Malviya
    • Kusum Choppra
    • Netra Hirani
    • Pradip Mondal
    • Prakriti Bandhan
    • Puja Chakraborty
    • Swapna Sanchita