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Semeen Ali
Semeen Ali

Image credit - Image by Xymanou

Dance Along 

Billowing waves 
Sweet sky
Sweet sunlight
I dance with you 
Sea gulls shrieking
In delight or pain.
Your face
Radiant like a washed seashell 
Next to mine.
Grains of sand stick to our feet
And we leave our impressions on them.
Along the shore we dance 
Ignoring the world 
I open my eyes to capture this moment 
All I see is the setting sun,
Your brown hair 
And clean feet.
Looking at a distance I search for our foot prints
The waves had decided to wash them away.

Searching for a photograph

I am searching for a photograph 
which hasn’t been clicked
but you and I will be in it 
holding hands 
maybe talking
sitting under the shade of a tree
we will share our memories

I think I met you
and we talked
But the photograph
was stolen
I searched and complained
It was never found

I am sitting under a tree
waiting for you 
Maybe you will come
and the photograph
will finally be clicked.

Say goodbye

I searched for you 
Where are you?
Those familiar roads
Which we had taken 
Have become cold hearted
I stand alone
Waiting for you
Maybe you will come back
Will forgive me
I know I am to be blamed
But come back
Please come back

I searched for you 
In the wrong places
If only
I would have looked back
How was I to know that you were there?
Following me 
Wherever I went

I have found you
Behind the blossoming tree
Are you still angry with me?
The white flowers, your favourite
I allow myself to put them 
On the gray stone
That has your name
If only 
I had looked back .

I look at you

Orange ….
How about red?
Look at the sky!
Eyes behold several kites
but I keep looking at you
The sharp kite string 
plays with my fingers,
like your conversation with my heart.
You tug at the string
entangling and imprisoning my fingers.
The eyes have met
one lowers 
while the other continues to look.
A discovery has been made.


Issue 37 (May-Jun 2011)

  • Ambika Ananth – Editorial Comment
  • Maria Zafar
  • Nawaid Anjum
  • Sakshi Chanana
  • Sandhya Tiwari
  • Saumya Rajan
  • Semeen Ali