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Pallavi Singh

Pink bush flowers. Photo by Magnus Rosendahl,

Ode to adversity

Beloved muse Adversity
I wouldn't hold any grudge
for your frequent knocks,
for your sudden incursions
into the complacent spheres of mind.
I wouldn't complain for courage, wit and realisation 
of the beauty of struggle.
ah, delighted I am
at the sheer joy of perspiration,
pain and patience..

beloved, beloved adversity,
you turned an escapist into a forceful warrior. 

Your gifted bangle

This is not a brass bangle
call this a continuous circle of hope
and hopelessness
a circumference limited and released 
by vagaries of fate,
a golden substitute to the idea of riches.
it glitters in the dark of a quiet bedroom,
like guilty conscience of lovers.
it ties and unties
it beams in the whiteness of the skin,
it sings, like fallen tea cups
when it meets your empty verse
it becomes God 
in my moments of faithlessness
and says: 
“I am in your world
but the world can not find me.”
It makes me smile,
But I cry often. 


For many years I have practised 
not saying aloud 
a few letters. 
They carry lost summers, 
frail old ties, 
capped scent of secrets 
growing impatient. 
Silence still makes a stiff circle, 
veiled, guarded, 
averse to speech 
but when you step by 
without a word, 
I want to call out - 
each letter and every sound 
buried in whispers. 
I know your name, 
do not ever tell the world.


Issue 35 (Jan-Feb 2011)

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