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Anish Jha
Anish Jha

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Always remember those moments,

Moments built of pain and despair,
Moments when everything felt beyond repair,

Moments when you were unable to breathe,
Moments when you could do nothing but seethe,

Moments when you saw your beloved gasp,
Moments which led to your world collapse,

Moments when you could count your heart beat,
Moments when every second felt like a treat,

Moments when each day passed full of scare,
Afraid of any news about those you care,

Moments when you felt like
staying inside the cover forever,
Only to pick up your broken pieces the next day
and again start over,

Moments when you heard the directive,
Soon this will get over, you ponder
but deep within you knew the narrative,

Is this my mistake you wonder and ask
Don't worry everything will be fine
they smile, hidden behind a mask,

In that moment you knew
they were all the same,
Let the world collapse but cling to power
was their only aim,

We may be moaning and
We may be in pain,
Forget putting a mark on history,
they will not let our blood even make a stain,
Lest we forget and stay in fear,
Make some noise and make them aware,
Together we stay afloat,
Together we stay alive,
Together we fight till the end,
After all, most of us are humane,
Together we will not be broken and
Together we will not bend.

Sufferings may rise and
Tears will flow, but
We will not give up,
Together we will survive and
Together we will grow.


Oh Dear,
It is a twinge
I can feel it now shearing
Parts of my broken heart

A heart which existed
Beyond the realms of reason
Choosing to believe in demon
Expecting it to bring everlasting
Love and harmony for us in all season

In past
I had seen the ashes flying in air
Mourning the dead ones
My heart kept simmering
But with no pyre in sight
The heart chose to ignore the demon
Rather than fight

But this time,
He was my own and
He was soon gone
Why do you fear?
Death can’t be so near
As was told to us by the demon
So had I consoled him, my dear

Passing a withering look
He had continued to moan
Seeing his misery
A gentle crack appeared in my heart
Thinking of the conundrum
In my own sortilege
Which was based upon nothing
But my own privilege

On seeing his plight,
I had wanted to go and stand by his side
You can’t go near
That was the official dictate my dear
My heart wanted to leap
Hold him tight and weep
But alas! That was not meant to be
Not only my hands but
My tongue was also tied
Afraid for my own survival
It incapacitated my willingness
To stand for his fight
Not knowing the venom
Which the demon was sowing
Pushing him away
The crack was growing

O Dear,
I wish only if I could show it to him
He was gone but
Through those tiny cracks
My heart kept weeping
Soon my breath became quagmire
Filled with ashes flying from his pyre
The shooting star was soon turning dark
Leaving nothing in place of hope but a fading mark

The wind was gushing
But the breath was missing
And soon time flew
I was longing now to see the sky
Feel its golden hue
And fly in my imagination
But all I got was
Fear, misery and
A sense of deprivation

The heart tried to fill the cracks
With pebbles of hope
But the unflinching splash of his memory
Was enough to wash all future away
The demon kept giving cheers of optimism
But the heart knew it was nothing
but a prophecy of the upcoming doomsday
And the crack
Grew and grew and grew

I was never afraid of death
But the sense of my heart shredding
Made me lose all my faith
I wanted to howl
Pushing all the fears through those cracks
Where the demon had comfortably started
To settle and growl

By now
I knew it was just a matter of time
Today, tomorrow or someday sooner
We are all going to be
Nothing but pebbles of sand

But oh Dear,
It is not death that I am afraid of
It is the fear of never seeing you again
Which is making my heart shear
Today lying on the same bed
Where he was left to moan
All I could remember was that
It was not the air of melancholy
But our belief in the demon which
Pushed us all in this to die alone

If there exists some other place
Beyond this world
I hope to meet you there
Free from all peril
And with nothing but love
To keep our company


They watched
as the fire rose and
my home burned to the ground,
They watched
till all I was left with was rubble and
nothing else to be found,
They watched
as their tanks rolled in and
in its sound my cry was drowned,

Why did you do this?
I stood up in front and brazenly asked,
Go ask your leaders,
It’s they who started this war
They pushed me and frowned,

Lying on the ground
I let my mind frisk,
For I could still hear my leaders
guide our men towards risk

We have been pushed to war
We may be weak but we will not obey
We may die defending our motherland but
We will make the enemy pay.
But what about my say
which no one bothered to ask.

With my shattered home and my ruptured bone
they have put my body in shackles,
But I knew it’s not my body but
the horror left in my mind
which was going to be difficult to tackle

For I knew

It’s the leaders who sit on
the world forum and get the fame,
It’s the leaders who push
a country in a war game,
Then why it is a commoner
who is the first one to be maimed?

Why don’t they make a world ring
in which let the leaders slug
and let a leader win,
This should decide the fate of all decry
and not let any commoner die.

For all that a commoner wants
is to build a nest
where they could be with
their loved ones at rest

It is not too much to ask
if you don’t put our lives to task

for whoever we may be
one thing which is common in all to see
is that none of us want to
face the ugly horror of a battle

But for me

As I looked around and
found all my dreams gone
I lie collapsed with nothing else but
my sorrow in which I was left to get drowned.


Issue 102 (Mar-Apr 2022)

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