GSP Rao, Managing Editor

Founder Editor and Managing Editor, Muse India

G Surya Prakash Rao, also known as Surya Rao, is the founder Managing Editor of Muse India and also one of the Directors of Hyderabad Literary Festival. He is an Information Technology professional turned writer, to whom writing has provided intellectual and creative fulfillment and a welcome diversion from rigours of a professional career. He takes keen interest in all arts and is an avid shutterbug. Philosophy and ancient history are other areas that have a strong appeal to him.

He has two literary works to his credit, both published in 2004 - Meghamitra and other poems and The lock at the gate, a compilation of short stories. He is author of 'Krishnadeva Raya - the Poet-Emperor of Vijayanagara', published by PS Telugu University, Hyderabad, an authentic English biography of the renowned Vijayanagara emperor. He has also penned short stories for children, Appu and his friends. Several articles of his, covering issues of Information Technology, culture and civic concerns, have been published by The Hindu, The Times of India, Hyderabad, and Newstime over the years.

An Engineer by background, GSP Rao also has a Master's degree in Philosophy. He has worked for IBM in Bombay and Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, before setting up an IT company along with a few colleagues in 1980.

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