Ambika Ananth, Editor

Editor - Poetry and former Chief Editor, Muse India


A Founder Editor of Muse India who also served as its Chief Editor earlier, Ambika Ananth is a bi-lingual writer, poet, journalist and a translator, who has eight published works, both in English and Telugu.


A prolific translator, she has co-translated Saint-Poet Annamacharya's Sankirtanas and Life-story, Nectar Ocean of Annamacharya (TTD Publication, a book selected by the library of University of California, Berkeley and the Library of Congress, USA), co-translated Basaveshawara Vachanas entitled Basavanna Samagra Vachanalu (Kannada to Telugu), translated pre-nineteenth century Telugu lyrics into English, and also feministic poetry of Pakistan into Telugu. Her English poetry has appeared in many anthologies and in ‘Indian Literature’ of Sahitya Akademi. Her Telugu short-story collection Manchu Muthyalu is taken up for study for MPhil Program by Telugu University.  


She regularly contributes to Deccan Herald and reviews books for ‘Indian Literature’ and ‘The Hindu’. She is on the Editorial Board of two Telugu literary journals - Chaitanya Kavita and Basava Patham - being published from Bangalore.


Her most recent publications include – Ambrosia, a rendering into English of 108 Annamacharaya Sankirtanas set to tune by Sangita Kalanidhi Dr Nedunuri Krishna Murthy, and Violets and Wounds - A Tapestry of Life - a compilation of creative writings, features and essays. Her translation work has appeared in Dravidian Poem published by Dravidian University. She is working on a translation project on Sri Krishna Karnamrutham along with Dr TV Subbarao, Emeritus Professor, Bangalore University.


Ambika has a Masters Degree in Education and a PG Diploma in Journalism. She is a Life-member of Poetry Society of India, Dhvanyaloka of Mysore, and Lekhini of Hyderabad. Her other interests include painting and Astrology. She lives in Bangalore.




(Updated as of May 26, 2017)

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