Supratik Sen

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Author of an anthology in Bengali (Nihshabda), Supratik Sen is a poet with a mission. His sole purpose of writing is to encourage others into poetry. On completing his M.A. (French Literature) from CIEFL (now EFLU), he went to France as a French government scholar on winning the scholarship conducted by the UGC, where he did his D.E.A in Modern French Literature.

With an industry experience of over 25 years, he has been a guest lecturer in several colleges, including the North City College, Kolkata and the University of Kolkata. At present he works in an IT organisation as Translation and Localisation and Capability Building Lead.  

He writes on a variety of topics. However, his main theme is to work on metanoia [shift in our mental models and belief systems] and love, because he feels that even after thousands of years, we havenít learnt to love.

He can be reached at:

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