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Apurva Iyengar

Apurva B Y

Forest Trees. Courtesy - bigfoto.com


An orphanage, new!
Between her old age home
and my daycare ~

Baking cakes

Firstly, I sowed the seeds of love 
The foundation was laid
The seeds sprouted,
I ground them fine, and
leveled it in the bowl of human heart.
I dissolved falsehood in truth to sweeten the cake 
Added loads of care and peace…
I whipped the cream, with might,
Conquering the senses, hard.
Then layered, with chocolate non-violence sauce.
All set, I placed the heart bowl within
the preheated owen of human body
I patted lightly,
The child cried
Oh! the baking has finally begun.
I await, as he bakes into a human being, 
Once a perfect, wise man, He is none but the divine!
The cake is done! 
He will blow out the flames of hatred, 
and serve the cakes of peace, garnished 
with human raisin values, and nuts of more love! 
Spreading blissful, sweet times on earth,
Happy Birthday, Golden age!


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