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Apurva Iyengar

Apurva Iyengar – Special Prize

Dawn at Himalayan foothills. Credit - artfiles.art.com

Muse India Poetry Contest 2008 - Special Prize for Young Participant


1. The Holy, Holi Book

Life unveils
Chapter by chapter
Today is the chapter of love

The music plays
The rain just pours
I romance empty pages

Drops of love
They touch my head
Drops of love
Slide off my shoulders
Drops of love
Drench me
And I become a drop of love!

Colours of holi
On my cheeks
Colours of holi
Souse me 
Colours of holi
Soak me
And I merge, to emerge
A rainbow!

The drops of love
The holy colours
I am the drop
I am the colour
I fuse and diffuse…
Every time something new
I live every moment
And die the very next second
Only to be reborn!

I live different lives
I celebrate existence
I celebrate truth
I celebrate love
Subtle yet simple
A feeling unparalleled
I give, I take 
I share, I care

2. Bliss And Happiness

The world is big,
The universe, bigger
The seas so deep,
The oceans, deeper
The sky so high,
The space, even higher

Enchanting earth
Inspiring nature
Billions of species
Myriad fancies
Innovations, discoveries
Peaks, crests!
Yet, these wonders remain wonders.

Bliss and happiness to me Is,

When mom plants a kiss on my cheek,
The bliss of loving

When I hug my cute brown bear,
The warmth of liking

When I give away toffees to street kids,
The delight in sharing

When I look upon God and he smiles,
The gift of living

When I watch the rising sun,
The promise of a new beginning!

3. The Peacock Dance

Bare peacock
Cries in agony

Endearing Sun 
Gifts rumbling clouds

Its raining,
The peacock is thrilled
Happiness pervades
Flowers in myriad colours, blush
Birds in placid tunes sing

Nature is ecstatic
The forest blooms
Red green blue
Yellow, orange, brown
Violet, beige, pink
Celebrating colours
The festival of holi
The peacock is bare, no more
Rising in full colour
unravels his stunning, multihued feathers
Nature clocks bliss
As time watches, in trance
The mesmerizing, peacock dance!

Every rain drains evil
A new day begins
Hearts love afresh!
No grief, no guilt
No race, no religion
No war, no pain

The peacock dances
And, Love reigns!


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