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Apurva Iyengar

Apurva Iyengar – The Rain

The Rain      

Drops of rain,
Fall across, I do not refrain.
Each drop of love
Drenches me, reminding of someone!
Then a drizzle,
Now a storm.
I still stand there
Love in torrents
Sweeps me away in its current….
As I watch in awe……!
How kind of lord to think of me
And thousands such season lovers
When he made you, me and the universe! 

For, the world with no rains,
Nor pleasant ambience,
Nor even breezy, lazy evenings…
Would only promise a stale life,
Reminding one of strife! 

The humble rain
Washes away all evil
Retains no trace of discrimination
Divine ablutions….
Our minds all clear
Now we walk across hurdles into a new day.
None escapes the magic,
Neither the woman in anguish,
Nor the man who is busy.
The rain invites every pair of eyes
To once gaze on it - the crystal blue!!
One glimpse brings back fond memories
Sliding backward into days gone by,
It helps one become more human. 

Oh! I watch in awe…
It is fun
To see the world in a trance
Rain - a creation, a ribbon of romance. 

Peace for the Desolate   

When disturbed is your mind,
And future seems to be unkind
When problems probe your heart
Tearing your soul apart. 

Come here, come home
Set aside man made barriers
Feel nature, breathe nature
Pour your troubles out to her. 

Realize what god has given you
A home to live that is nature
Sun for the day
Moon for the night
Forests for your shelter
Streams to quench your thirst
Fruits, your tummy’s worth. 

Thunder teaches you to face danger
Wind is your rescue ranger
Watch the birds and animals …
In itself a bliss, a lesson
For us to learn oh, man
Upgraded creation! 

She has bestowed all her wealth
She is your creator,
Your mother!
Come home, back to nature. 

The Best Creation 

When nature is in its best moods,
And the sky wants to go partying,
The best designers paint gorgeous costumes,
The ramp gets hot as the sky looms. 

The clouds lend their snow white shade,
The setting sun gifts its reddish brigade,
Nature’s greens, blues are all in sight,
The blue black clouds make it bright,
The rains soften the colours harsh
And wind spreads the delight far.  

Finally materializes the ‘rainbow’
Stealing away the entire show
Rains pour and frogs croak in applause
Men, women and kids all pause
To let their imagination glow
And welcome the sky-borne bow. 

Triumphant and exulting is the awesome sky!
The crowned Miss Universe in fact, oh my! 

Music in the Air!  
It is the wind that whistles through the bamboo slits
Not the axe that chisels all the woods to bits
It is the waters that spin music as they kiss the shores
Oh! not tsunami (nature’s anguish against man)
that widely opens the death doors!
Rippling rivers flow across enormous mountains and lo it is all melody
No not the guns which swear peace behind ranges and promise tragedy
The thunders seem to me drum beats coming from the west
Rains slashing the earth a semblance of ghatam of the east.
The rainbow stretches wide across the vast skies
merging the west and the east into the best!  

When volcano rumbles it is the mrudangam
When lava meets the sea it is the sangam!
Nature’s music seems to preach
the dharma that had prevailed
Until man on this earth was unveiled!! 


Twinkling in the eyes of blind
Dancing to the tunes of lame
Singing voices of the dumb
Hearing out to each ear deaf…
I see it lurking everywhere! 

‘Distress, is bad!’
Says who? 

For, the blind sees not the evil world
The lame feels not the ruffian land
The dumb speaks not amidst the fools
The deaf hears not the hurting words. 

Having scrutinized the globe
We find fault and stop
but do not probe! ???

Malevolence rules man’s mind.
What good has able man done the world?
Extended no cooperation (to nature)
Gifted frustration (inhuman relationships)
Limited imagination (terrorism, corruption…)
Proved, a futile creation. 

He forgets that he lives just a while,
A passing phase, connects a mile
between life and death. 

Blessed is he, who senses not
The world, this earth.
And, works all life, towards his goal.
Recognizes the divine supreme
Yes, he does realize a different dream.
Distress is a distinct stream.
Reticent, unfamiliar theme…


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