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D A Smith
Laxmanrao Sardessai – Poems, Nov-Dec 2016

D C Chambial
D C Chambial: The Poetry of Aju Mukhopadhyay, Jul-Aug 2016

D N Bezboruah
D N Bezboruah: Three Cheers for the ‘Middle’, Mar-Apr 2013

D Ramakrishna
Mamang Dai: In Conversation with D Ramakrishna, May-Jun 2017
Mamang Dai: In Conversation with D Ramakrishna, May-Jun 2017

Daamu – Trans. by Jagaddhatri, Nov-Dec 2011

Dale Luis Menezes
Dale Luis Menezes : 'Handbag', Jul-Aug 2013

Dalpat Chauhan
Dalpat Chauhan, Jan-Feb 2007
Dalpat Chauhan: The Bread and the Dead, Sep-Oct 2007

Damodar Mauzo
Damodar Mauzo: Folk Literature of Konkan, Jul-Aug 2011
Damodar Mauzo : In Conversation, Jul-Aug 2013

Damodar Rao K
Bhoomaiah A, Sep-Oct 2008
Aduri Satyavati Devi, Jul-Aug 2010

Damyanti Biswas
Damyanti Biswas : 'The Mercedes', Jan-Feb 2011

Danish Hamid
Danish Hamid, Sep-Oct 2012

Danish Husain
Danish Husain: An Actor’s Journey .., Jul-Aug 2011

Darise Shashinirmala
Darise Shashinirmala, Nov-Dec 2007

Darius Cooper
Darius Cooper: In Conversation with Charanjeet Kaur, Jul-Aug 2015
Darius Cooper, Mar-Apr 2016
Darius Cooper: The Disappearance of Critical Thinking, Mar-Apr 2016
Darius Cooper, May-Jun 2015
Darius Cooper: In Conversation with Charanjeet Kaur, Jul-Aug 2015

Darsha Jani
Darsha Jani: On Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Jul-Aug 2016
Darsha Jani: Panna Naik, Jan-Feb 2016
Darsha Jani: Munshi’s Historical Novels, Jan-Feb 2014

Dasarathi Krishnamacharya
Dasarathi, Sep-Oct 2008

Dash Benhur
Dash Benhur : ‘The Bicycle’, Sep-Oct 2012

Dasu Krishnamoorty
Dasu Krishnamoorty : ‘Believe Me, Please’, Sep-Oct 2012

Dasu Krishnamoorty
Vempalli shariff : ‘The Curtain’, Mar-Apr 2012

David Cobb
David Cobb, Jan-Feb 2016

David G. Frier
David G. Frier – ‘Vaticínio’, Nov-Dec 2016

David Martin
David Martin, Mar-Apr 2012

David Matthews
David Matthews - Urdu in India, Nov-Dec 2009

David Matthews
Ibn-e-Insha : From Urdu – The Final Book, Jul-Aug 2007

Dawa Lokyitsang
Dawa Lokyitsang: Female Tibetan Leaders, Sep-Oct 2014

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim : 'A Picture of Fame', Jul-Aug 2013
Dawood Ibrahim: ‘Dream 2003’, Jan-Feb 2015

Deb Kamal Ganguly
Deb Kamal Ganguly: Visuality and Writing, Jan-Feb 2015

Debabrata Das
Debabrata Das -, Jan-Feb 2008

Debabrata Sardar
Debabrata Sardar: Tracing the Transition, Nov-Dec 2016

Debadrita Chakraborty
Debadrita Chakraborty: Bharati Mukherjee’s ‘Wife’, Sep-Oct 2014

Debarati Bandyopadhyay
Tagore as a post-modern storyteller, Jan-Mar 2005
Debarati Bandyopadhyay – Roy's The God of Small Things, May-Jun 2011

Debarati Ghosh
Debarati Ghosh: Saoli Mitra and the New Kathakata on the Bengali Stage, Nov-Dec 2014

Debarshi Prasad Nath
Debarshi Prasad Nath : Indira Goswami’s ‘Under the shadow of Kamakhya’, Jan-Feb 2013

Debashis Deb
Debashis: ‘An Official Assassination’, Sep-Oct 2013

Debashree Dattaray
Debashree Dattaray: Folk Dance Traditions of North East India, Nov-Dec 2014

Debasis Tripathy
Debasis Tripathy, Nov-Dec 2016
Debasis Tripathy – ‘Convenient Friendship’, May-Jun 2017

Debasish Lahiri
Debasish Lahiri, Jan-Feb 2017
Debashish Lahiri – Andamans, May-Jun 2009
Debashish Lahiri: ‘The Poet & His Valentine’, Sep-Oct 2014
Debasish Lahiri: ‘Tagore, Gora: A Critical Companion’, Mar-Apr 2016
Debashish Lahiri, Mar-Apr 2015
Debasish Lahiri: ‘The Diasporic Dilemma’, May-Jun 2016

Debasree Basu
Debasree Basu - Gastro-Cultural Conflicts, May-Jun 2011

Debayudh Chatterjee
Debayudh Chatterjee : Why I Write, Jul-Aug 2012
Debayudh Chatterjee, Jul-Aug 2012

Debayudh Chatterjee
Binayak Bandyopadhyay, Jul-Aug 2012
Sourav Mukhopadhyay, Jul-Aug 2012

Debbie Strange
Debbie Strange, Jan-Feb 2016

Debjani Chatterjee
Debjani Chatterjee: The Parrot Fortune-Teller, Jul-Aug 2006
Debjani Chatterjee, May-Jun 2007
Debjani Chatterjee, May-Jun 2008
1st Prize – Debjani Chatterjee: Tr.of Kazi Nazrul Islam (Bengali), Nov-Dec 2008
Debjani Chatterjee, Mar-Apr 2013
Debjani Chatterjee: Of Sanjay Bhattacharya (Bengali), Mar-Apr 2013
Debjani Chatterjee, May-Jun 2015

Debjani Chatterjee
Debjani Chatterjee, May-Jun 2007

Deblina Hazra
Deblina Hazra: Prafulla Roy’s novels, May-Jun 2014

Debmalya Das
Debmalya Das : The Visva-Bharati Quarterly, Sep-Oct 2010
Debmalya Das: An Ecocritical Reading of Tagore, Sep-Oct 2012

Debopriya Dey
Debopriya Dey: Performances of Rabindranath’s Phalguni in Santiniketan, Nov-Dec 2014

Debotosh Sinha
Debotosh Sinha : Tagore and Rural Reconstruction, Sep-Oct 2010

Debotri Dhar
Debotri Dhar - 'Between Us', May-Jun 2011

Deeba Shireen
Deeba Shireen: Vassanji’s The In-Between World of Vikram Lall , Jul-Aug 2015

Deeba Zafir
Editorial : Sukrita Paul Kumar and Deeba Zafir, Jul-Aug 2007

Deepa Agarwal
Deepa Agarwal, Jul-Aug 2016
Deepa Agarwal: Woman on the Road to Lhasa, Jul-Aug 2006
Editorial Comment by Deepa Agarwal, May-Jun 2007
Deepa Agarwal – Children’s Literature in India, May-Jun 2007
Agarwal, Deepa - “Babies”, Mar-Apr 2009
Deepa Agarwal : Young Adult Literature in India, Sep-Oct 2011

Deepa Agarwal
Sanjay Khati : ‘Pinty’s Soap’, Sep-Oct 2011

Deepa Mishra
Kavery Nambisan – In Conversation with Deepa Mishra, May-Jun 2011

Deepa Murdeshwar-Katre
Deepa Murdeshwar-Katre: Nemade’s Cocoon , Sep-Oct 2015

Deepa Punjani
Deepa Punjani – That (Im)possible Thing .., Jul-Aug 2009

Deepak Borgave
Deepak Borgave, Jul-Aug 2013

Deepali Yadav
Deepali Yadav: Divakaruni’s Oleander Girl, Mar-Apr 2014

Deepika Marya
Deepika Marya – Reading Aag ka Darya after 26/11, May-Jun 2011

Deepika Phukan
Deepika Phukan: ‘The Bicycle’, Mar-Apr 2013

Deepthy R Chandran
Deepthy R Chandran: Dalit Women in Tamil Nadu, Jul-Aug 2016

Deepti Bora
Deepti Bora: Spatiality of Partition(s) Revisited, Jul-Aug 2015

Deepti Mahule (Nalavade)
Deepti Mahule (Nalavade) : ‘A Colourful Evening’, Mar-Apr 2012

Deevi Subbarao
Deevi Subbarao, May-Jun 2007

Derek Antao
Derek Antao: “The Play’s the Thing”, Sep-Oct 2012

Dev Dutt
Dev Dutt, Nov-Dec 2016

Dev N Pathak
Dev N Pathak: Biography and History in Art, May-Jun 2013

Devadevan, Sep-Oct 2006

Devaleena Das
Devaleena Das – Naina Dey’s “Macbeth”, Jul-Aug 2009

Devapriya Roy
Devapriya Roy and Saurav Jha: Excerpts from The Heat and Dust Project, Jan-Feb 2016

Devathachan, Mar-Apr 2017
Devadatchan, Sep-Oct 2006

Devdan Chaudhuri
Devdan Chaudhuri, Jan-Feb 2017

Devdutt Pattanaik
Devadutt Pattanaik: ‘Rebirth of Surpanakha’, Jul-Aug 2011

Devender Annavaram
Devender A / Jayalakshmi P, Jul-Aug 2009

Devender Kumar
Devender Kumar: Fireproof, May-Jun 2012

Devendhira Poopathi
Devendhira Poopathi, Sep-Oct 2006

Devika Belgavi
Devika Belgavi, May-Jun 2008

Devika J
Nalini Jameela: In Conversation with J Devika, May-Jun 2013

Devika J
Rosemary, Nov-Dec 2006
Meera K R, Sep-Oct 2009

Devika Karnad
Devika Karnad: ‘Lakshmi Kannan’s Going Home’, May-Jun 2017

Devika Menon
Devika Menon, Nov-Dec 2009

Devika Rangachari
Devika Rangachari – Writing History for Children, May-Jun 2007
Devika Rangachari : Gender as an Issue in YAL, Sep-Oct 2011

Devika Sethi
Devika Sethi: Review of “Representing India ….”, Mar-Apr 2008

Devipriya, Sep-Oct 2008

Devyani Agrawal
Devyani Agrawal: Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies, Jul-Aug 2011
Devyani Agrawal : Writing of Khaled Hosseini, Jan-Feb 2012
Devyani Agrawal: Diaspora Writings, May-Jun 2012
Devyani Agrawal: Un-Essentialising Marginality in Sea of Poppies, Nov-Dec 2012

Dhananjay Singh
Dhananjay Singh, Jan-Feb 2017
Dhananjay Singh, Jan-Feb 2011
Dhananjay Singh, Mar-Apr 2015

Dhanush Lakkaraju
Dhanush Lakkaraju: Breath, May-Jun 2016

Dhar A N
Dhar A N – ‘The Ugly Kashmiri’, Mar-Apr 2007

Dharamvir Bharati
Dharamvir Bharati: Epilogue of Andha Yug, May-Jun 2006

Dharanikota Srinivasulu
Dharanikota Srinivasulu: Challapulusu, Sep-Oct 2016

Dhiruben Patel
Dhiruben Patel, Mar-Apr 2007

Dhoomil, Sep-Oct 2016

Dhriti Ray Dalai
Dhriti Ray Dalai/ Panchanan Dalai : Tagore’s ‘Chandalika’, Sep-Oct 2010
Dhriti Ray Dalai : Bhibhutibhushan’s Chander Pahar, Sep-Oct 2011
Dhriti Ray Dalai – Humorous Case of the Lost Dollar, Nov-Dec 2011

Dhrubajyoti Banerjee
Dhrubajyoti Banerjee: Manto’s, Jul-Aug 2015
Dhrubajyoti Banerjee -Shatranj ke Khiladi, Sep-Oct 2009

Dhumketu: The Chathi Parmesri, Mar-Apr 2007

Diana Webb
Diana Webb, Jan-Feb 2016

Dibyajyoti Sarma
Dibyajyoti Sarma : 'At Howrah', Jan-Feb 2011
Dibyajyoti Sarma – A Study of Sudraka's The Little Clay Cart, May-Jun 2011
Dibyajyoti Sarma : ‘An Accident’, Sep-Oct 2011

Dibyajyoti Sarma
Nabakanta Barua, Nov-Dec 2011
Sananta Tanty, Mar-Apr 2015

Dibyendu Ghosal
Dibyendu Ghosal, Sep-Oct 2009

Dibyendu Saha
Dibyendu Saha, Sep-Oct 2012

Didier Coste
Didier Coste, Jan-Feb 2016
Didier Coste, Sep-Oct 2014

Dileep Chavan
Dileep Chavan: Nemade's Nativism - Part I, Sep-Oct 2015
Dileep Chavan: Nemade’s Nativism - Part II, Sep-Oct 2015

Dileep Jhaveri
Dilip Jhaveri – ‘Voices from Persia and Ireland’, Mar-Apr 2017
Dileep Jhaveri – Editorial Comment, Jan-Feb 2007
Dileep Jhaveri – A Tale of Modern Gujarati Poetry, Jan-Feb 2007
Dileep Jhaveri, Jan-Feb 2007
Dileep Jhaveri, Mar-Apr 2008
Dilip Jhaveri: In Conversation with Manu Dash, Sep-Oct 2008
Dileep Jhaveri – In Discussion with GSP Rao, Jul-Aug 2010
Dileep Jhaveri : Impressions, Mar-Apr 2012
Dileep Jhaveri, Mar-Apr 2013
Dileep Jhaveri, Mar-Apr 2013
Dileep Jhaveri, Jul-Aug 2013
Dileep Jhaveri, Mar-Apr 2014
Dileep Jhaveri : Varsha in Contemporary Gujarati, Jul-Aug 2012
Dileep Jhaveri: Celebrating Gujarati Prose, Jul-Aug 2014
Dileep Jhaveri: Harmony of Leaves, Flowers, Mar-Apr 2014
Dileep Jhaveri, Jan-Feb 2015

Dileep Jhaveri
Chandrakant Topiwala, Jan-Feb 2007
Ramanik Agrawat, Jan-Feb 2007
Ravji Patel, Jan-Feb 2007
Harindra Dave, Mar-Apr 2008
Priyakant Maniar, Mar-Apr 2008
Rajendra Shah, Mar-Apr 2008
Ramesh Parekh, Mar-Apr 2008
Sundaram, Mar-Apr 2008
Vinod Joshi, Mar-Apr 2008
Jagdeep Smart, Mar-Apr 2011
Sanskriti Rani Desai, Mar-Apr 2011
Sarup Dhruv, Mar-Apr 2011
Vasant Joshi, Mar-Apr 2011
Yagnesh Dave, Mar-Apr 2011
Rajesh Vyas 'Miskin', Mar-Apr 2011
Sanju Vala, Mar-Apr 2011
Udayan Thakkar, Mar-Apr 2011
Harish Minashru, Mar-Apr 2011
Harshad Trivedi, Mar-Apr 2011
Mahendra Joshi, Mar-Apr 2011
Vijay Rajguru, Mar-Apr 2011
Mahesh Champaklal: Gujarati Plays of the New Century, Jul-Aug 2014

Dilip Chitre
Dilip Chitre: "A Hairy Black Puppy", Sep-Oct 2008
Dilip Chitre, Sep-Oct 2008
Manu Dash – Dilip Chitre and I, Mar-Apr 2010

Dilip Chitre
Hemant Divate, Sep-Oct 2008

Dilip Mohapatra
Dilip Mohapatra, Jul-Aug 2015
Dilip Mohapatra, Jul-Aug 2016
Dilip Mohapatra, May-Jun 2014

Dilnavaz Bamboat
Dilnavaz Bamboat, Nov-Dec 2012

Dilpreet Bhullar
Dilpreet Bhullar : Tales of the Punjab – Told by the People, Jan-Feb 2013

Dina Nath Nadim
Dina Nath Nadim: Candy and Absinth, Mar-Apr 2006
Dina Nath Nadim, Sep-Oct 2012
Dina Nath Nadim – Birth centenary year, Sep-Oct 2016

Dion D'Souza
Dion D’Souza, Sep-Oct 2014

Dipak Mazumdar
Dipak Mazumdar : In Conversation with Usha Akella, Jan-Feb 2013
Dipak Mazumdar, Jan-Feb 2014
Dipak Majumdar, May-Jun 2015

Dipalle Parmar
Dipalle Parmar – Journey on the Shoulders…, Jan-Feb 2007
Dipalle Parmar, May-Jun 2010
Dipalle Parmar, Mar-Apr 2013

Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy : Women in Tagore’s ‘Domestic Novels’ , Sep-Oct 2010
Dipankar Roy: The River as Metaphor in History, Sep-Oct 2014

Dipanwita Pal
Dipanwita Pal: Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide, Jul-Aug 2015

Dipika Mukherjee
Dipika Mukherjee – Neemrana, May-Jun 2009
Dipika Mukherjee, Jan-Feb 2010
Dipika Mukherjee, Mar-Apr 2013
Dipika Mukherjee, Mar-Apr 2013

Dipti Kulkarni
Dipti Kulkarni: On Duty – Without Fail: Memoirs of Baba, Mar-Apr 2016

Diptiranjan Pattanaik
Dipti Ranjan Pattanaik : The Shade of the Babul. Tr. by Chandan Das, Nov-Dec 2010
Diptiranjan Pattanaik: In discussion with Chirashree Srabani Rath, Jan-Feb 2015
Diptiranjan Pattanaik: In discussion with Chirashree Srabani Rath, Jan-Feb 2015

Diptokirti Samajdar
Diptokirti Samajdar: ‘Penance’, Nov-Dec 2015

Dirk Wiemann
Weimann, Dirk: 'Tokyo Cancelled', Mar-Apr 2009

Disha Khanna
Disha Khanna: Mahesh Dattani’s On a Muggy Night in Mumbai, Mar-Apr 2014

Dittakavi Syamala Devi
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: Optimism in Bapiraju’s Writings, Nov-Dec 2013
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: Humanism in Bapiraju, Nov-Dec 2013
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: Bapiraju as an Artist, Nov-Dec 2013
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: In Conversation with U AtreyaSarma, Nov-Dec 2013
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: Ekaveera: A Psychoanalysis (Trans by U Atreya Sarma), May-Jun 2016
Dittakavi Syamala Devi: The Unique Character Panchami (Trans by U Atreya Sarma), May-Jun 2016

Divik Ramesh
Divik Ramesh, Nov-Dec 2012

Divya Dubey
Divya Dubey, Jan-Feb 2011

Divya Garg
Divya Garg, May-Jun 2017

Divya Jain
Divya Jain – Interview with Pradyumna Kumar, May-Jun 2007

Divya N
Divya N, Nov-Dec 2015

Divya Rajan
Chitra K P, Sep-Oct 2009
Jayakrishnan A, Sep-Oct 2009
Sindhu Manoharan, Sep-Oct 2009
Sreekala K V, Sep-Oct 2009

Divyajyoti Singh
Divyajyoti Singh – ‘Argumentative Indian’, May-Jun 2010

Divyanka Sharma
Divyanka Sharma, Nov-Dec 2015

Dominic K V
Dominic K V, May-Jun 2008
Dominic K V, Nov-Dec 2009
Dominic KV : “Who is Responsible?”, Mar-Apr 2010
Dominic K V : Tagore’s Short Stories, Sep-Oct 2010
Dominic KV, Mar-Apr 2011

Dominique Viart
Dominique Viart: Contemporary French Literature, May-Jun 2013

Duarte Drumond Braga
Duarte D Braga – Preia-Mar, Nov-Dec 2016

Durba Raychaudhury
Durba Raychaudhury: ‘Images of Life’, Jan-Feb 2015

Durbadal Bhattacharya
Durbadal Bhattacharya: Gurcharan Das’ A Fine Family, Jul-Aug 2015

Durlabh Singh
Durlabh Singh: Grow fingers, Jan-Feb 2006
Durlabh Singh: The Alchemist, Jul-Aug 2006
Durlabh Singh, Nov-Dec 2006
Durlabh Singh – Bhai Sehna, Jan-Feb 2007
Singh, Durlabh, Jan-Feb 2009

Dushyant, Jan-Feb 2012

Dustin Pickering
Dustin Pickering – ‘No Waiting Like Departure’, Jan-Feb 2017
Usha Akella: Talks to Dustin Pickering, Sep-Oct 2016

Dwijen Sharma
Pharmenash Ch Marak & Dwijen Sharma: Pastoral Modes in Ruskin Bond, Nov-Dec 2016










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