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Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava

I still walk through the busiest streets,
With my violin and bow;
To play the tunes of love,
Just nice and slow.
The tensioned strings release their pain,
As it rests below my chin;
Whispering me the stories of seasons,
And the lost grin.
Flowing music guides my way,
As I tap my foot against the road;
Walking amidst the selfish land,
With no fixed abode.
A world within world,
Where bodies are curled,
In the bed,
That bears their names;
As grass grow long,
Where grasshoppers sing song,
In the silence,
That echoes all around;
As dust settles down,
Where people once frowned,
In the memories,
That lives after on;
As sky turns red,
Where leaves fall dead,
In the marsh,
That exists for ages;
As years pass by,
Where flowers turn dry,
In the resthouse,
That carries their weight;
Go, Play the game,
Before saying the same,
Write my Name;
Write my Name!
I wish I could stop you,
From using the cylindrical paper
That stands between your fingers
With pride; to be tapered.
That sanguine tip,
Gives me a wave of grumpiness
Evoking a poignant feeling
With no known healing.
I wish I could save you,
From the silent ember
That settles in your chamber
Ebbing your strength,
Of inhaling length.
I wish I could stop you
I wish I could save you!



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