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Rahul Jayaram

Rahul Jayaram

Half-expressed, half-acknowledged
We flee from our eyes
Like flies flitting
From flesh to flesh
Cut open from our hearts:
What’s between us
But a carcass
With a ticking bomb
Lying on the corridor
Of our hearts.
When I wasn’t looking,
I was slaughtered by
A butcher
With a serrated knife
And landed up in your stomach
Basted, twisted, bone-sucked,
My marrow now forming the contours of your constitution,
I see your body
As a torch
With two flames in it
That you throw every night
Into the fuel
Of my flesh.
At dusk
I rise,
A burning candle
With two lit wicks
Dripping wax
Fronting the hearse.
Wherever I am,
I am
Shedding sight.
I storm home
To evade mirrors,
Slip behind curtains,
Invade the attic,
Hide in the cupboard,
Regain ingress
Into a cosmos of locks,
Where I hold the edge of a cushion
On a Friday night to recall
The shape of your bosom
In the front-facing camera of
My mobile phone.
At a piazza
In a HauzKhazCafé,
We part coffee
While you mull parting ways.
It's just that
The boy
With the shoeshine
And rack
Hasn't had his first tea for the day
And is swarthy like a painter
At work with his polish
And is doing rounds
Like a dog
Looking for leftovers
And receives
No water or service
That the canines
Lap up from
A recently? refilled
Bowl a little ahead of us.
The boy is mulling too.
Unlike you or me.
It is about the bowl,
That he wants to smash
On my head
Which I wish was yours.



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