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Surbhi Goel

Surbhi Goel

notes from an unformulated print of life

i am the spitting orange sky
waiting to be born in your dreams and frustrations
do not reject me
i will not come your way again
nor will love

this, this, this…and this

this human-ness this skin
     this molecular web
     this blood droplets
filled with passion and exhaustion
this is irreal and wonderful : together

this utterance wild wild
this innocuous meaningless profundity
this articulation from depths unfathomed
this viscous orgasmic urge
this is irreal and wonderful : simultaneously

this very unnaturalness
this very yearning, disappointment
this very anticipation, cynicism
this very excitement, ad nauseum
this is irreal and wonderful : forever

this confirmation : togetherness is all
this tender bestial proclamation
this is “irreal and wonderful”

this clamour, also this indifference
this conviction, also this endless dilemma
this not knowing where we are at
this also knowing ( all too well) where we might lead ourselves into

this assurance, this doubt
this crash, this flight
this this and this beautiful, uncorrupted, sensitive, brutalized, hopeful, disgusted,
disinterested eagerness

this is “irreal and wonderful”



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