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Ashfaq Hasan

Ashfaqh Hasan

Ashfaqh Hasan

Alone, it waits
Beyond the clenched fist
Of the iron dark
The furrowed brow
Of the sullen night
Alone, it waits
Upon the curled lip
Of a false dawn
In blind faith
Of the coming day
The wind, my friend, lies in the North,
With quickened breath it hastens forth,
Its trembling lips and whispers warn
Of a rising sea and a coming storm.
Though thunderheads now mass and grow
And slant their strafing shafts below,
We’ll see the pouring sheets of rain
Turn shrub to flower and seed to grain
Though blazing shells of firefly
And burn the fabric of the sky,
We’ll catch a glimpse of heaven’s light
Through the dazzling rents that split the night
Though black firmament join the land
And meld together sea and sand,
The heaving bosom of the tide
Its wrath spent, will to its bed subside
And though the fury of Nature’s blast
Will lay much to waste before it’s passed,
Gold shall dissolve the churning gray
And gentle sunlight redeem the day
Yet again, the flame of dusk
Sets the pyre of another day alight
Scattering its red ceremonial flower
In the face of the onrushing night
Unfamiliar facades slowly sharpen
Upon the shoulders of familiar horizons
Shades in the corridors of the mind
Stirred up by the frissons of the dying sun
Newly-molted thoughts take flight
Unshackled by the day’s undoing
Filling the air with their ceaseless noise
Like swarms of locusts, all-devouring
Sentience teeters upon a cliff-edge
Its death-wish for sweet oblivion
Ever within grasp, yet ever receding
Again and again till the night is done
High in the mountains
Amidst the icy blasts
Where the unflinching peaks stand
Below the restless waves
Where the waters lie quiet
Under the wind’s rough hand
In the age-lined deserts
Where the passages of time
Are written upon the sand
In the kernel of the universe
Where the whispered silences
Of eternity began
There, shall I ask
My question again and again
And some day, shall I understand



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