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Anoop Kumar Sharma

Anoop Sharma

"A person's quest"

Nature said Hi, good morning !
Get up kid and start some work ,
Lazy in bed , in my dreams ,
I covered my face to extend my sleep like a murk.

Birds chirping and cool breeze came,
As mom opened window again the same...
I got up, taking a big yawn...
Looking outside towards the green lawn...

Due drops on the grass, shining like pearls ,
Freshness all around, with a lot of earl's...

I am going to office to do some work and learn something new,
This is who I am today and how I grew...

Now what ahead, greed doesn't seem to end ,
Shall I stay out on the same path or shall I take the bend !!!

So much of thinking is surrounding me now,
I am thinking to leave and enjoying life somehow !!!

"Happily bound"

A glimpse of smile, a soft touch,
I don't wana be free, wana be in your clutch...

The time with you flies so fast,
Can I make a wish for this bond may 'forever to last' ...

Getting up in the morning and looking at your cute face,
I want to settle now, no more race...

Your melodious voice wishing good night,
Sweet sound sleep, everything seems alright...

Love, care, emotions running all around,
I am drenched happily even being bound...

“Journey of life”

I have seen up’s, I have seen downs,
I have seen hills and also the grounds.

There is sunshine, there is rain,
hard work sometimes gives success and sometimes it’s all in vain.

Roads and Roads all around,
too little silence else only sound n sound.

Flowers and thrones are on same plant,
dear friend, nothing is straight everything is a little slant.

On this journey thinking about it, I just realized I reached my destination,
my hands are empty and I have nothing in my possession


Road goes on...
I just realized you are not with me but i am not alone.

Your essence will always be in my heart,
your stealing it away was m y life's favorite part.

When I see a beautiful flower,
i remember your smile's lovely shower.

I enjoy with friends and buddies with all seance,
Your memories are always around and they are not shallow but very dense.

Running & running everyone around,
handwork matters and destiny isn't the only ground.

Deep in thoughts moving on this road i realized a hurdle came,
with you it wasn't difficult to face it , it was the same.

Journey of life is tough I know,
together we will love learn and grow.



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