You have six literary expositions by as many erudite writers, presented by Charanjeet Kaur, the Editor. Sara Aboobacker (in pic), a progressive Muslim writer, is engaged in an interesting Conversation by Ayshath S R; Kinshuk Majumdar shows how Amitav Ghosh uses English language to challenge colonial ideology; Kusumita Datta regales us with Kashmir and its Story Tellers; Srinivas Reddy discusses the connection between Sanskrit and the Western Opera; Rachel Bari sheds light on South Asian Poetry; Sonal Jha presents a study of Arun Kolatkar’s poem ‘Sarpa Satra.’

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  Charanjeet Kaur: Editorial

  Sara Aboobacker in Conversation with Ayshath S R

  Srinivas Reddy: Sanskrit at the Opera

Literary Articles
  Kinshuk Majumdar: Amitav Ghosh
  Kusumita Datta: Kashmir and its Story Tellers
  Rachel Bari: South Asian Poetry
  Sonal Jha: Arun Kolatkar

Feast on the carte du jour of 9 multi-dimensional stories that Editor U Atreya Sarma presents. Eva Bell (in pic) in her ‘Entrapped’ narrates the nail-biting story of a woman recruited by ultras. Equally stimulating are the stories by Akshat Joshi, Ananya Sarkar, Humera Ahmed, Neera Kashyap, Reema Tripathy, Sahar Raza, Sukla Singha, Sunil Sharma.

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U Atreya Sarma – Editorial Musings
Akshat Joshi – ‘New World’
Ananya Sarkar – ‘The Cats’
Eva Bell – ‘Entrapped’
Humera Ahmed – ‘A Different Sky’
Neera Kashyap – ‘As quiet as a feather falling’
Reema Tripathy – ‘Is Love the Reason?’
Sahar Raza – ‘Sacrifice’
Sukla Singha – ‘Fury’
Sunil Sharma – ‘The Shrinking Man’


You have reviews of 7 interesting books – poetry, fiction, essays – as selected by Editor U Atreya Sarma who himself reviews ‘Wakes on the Horizon.’ Purabi Bhattacharya (in pic) reviews ‘Himalaya: Adventures, Meditations, Life’ (Essays); Revathi Raj Iyer – ‘I Won’t give you a leg up, Mr Death’ (Novel); Subashish Bhattacharjee – ‘Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke’ (Novel); Dustin Pickering – ‘No Waiting Like Departure’; Gagan Bihari Purohit – ‘For You to Decide’; Sapna Dogra – ‘An Ode to Shimla.’

Dustin Pickering – ‘No Waiting Like Departure’
Gagan Bihari Purohit – ‘For You to Decide’
Purabi Bhattacharya – ‘Himalaya: Adventures, Meditations, Life’
Revathi Raj Iyer – ‘I won’t give you a leg up, Mr Death’
Sapna Dogra – ‘An Ode to Shimla’
Subashish Bhattacharjee – ‘Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke’
U Atreya Sarma – ‘Wakes on the Horizon’


Ambika Ananth, the Editor features 10 poets whose poems “meander through a territory filled with distinct imagery, colourful exhilaration of expressions, enigmatic enriched tropes and metaphors.” Our poets of the issue are Arnab Mukhopadhyay, Bidyut Bhusan Jena, Madhab Chandra Jena, Maithreyi Karmoor, Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhary, Robert Beveridge, Sujit Mukherjee (in pic), Surbhi Goel, TS Hidalgo, Varun Rajaram.

Ambika Ananth – Editorial Note
Arnab Mukhopadhyay
Bidyut Bhusan Jena
Madhab Chandra Jena
Maithreyi Karnoor
Mithlesh Kumar Chaudhary
Robert Beveridge
Sujit Mukherjee
Surbhi Goel
TS Hidalgo
Varun Rajaram

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