14 Oct 2015 - Bloomsbury releases Sanjeev Sethi’s new book of poetry


This Summer and That Summer is Sanjeev Sethi’s third collection and one in which he has further sharpened the sensibilities of his acclaimed previous work, finding greater depths in the demotic. Navigating between inner and outer worlds, this poised collection offers solace and cynicism in equal measure. Moments of tactile beauty blossom in a sometimes brutal urban landscape as the poet finds the sublime in the everyday, never losing his skill for ‘terse language’ and ‘controlled sentiments’ as Dom Moraes wrote in the introduction of his last work. Sethi’s stylistic tools allow him to seize upon a single moment in time and crystallize it, suspending it between the familiar and the utterly fresh.


Sanjeev Sethi

This Summer and That Summer

Collection of poems

New Delhi: Bloomsbury. 2015.

Pages: xii + 55. Price: Rs.199.



(Posted by GSP Rao,  Oct 14, 2015)

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