Mar 28 - Mamta Anandís 'Treasure a Tear' released

Recently released Treasure a Tear is a collection of short stories based on the theme, how to fight with pain and suffering in life.


All of us do cry at times. Disgust, despair and even ecstasy use tears. Some feel light after crying as if rid of grief and some still run into depression after crying. Tears that cure the heart also clean the eyes and mind, leaving one with a sharpened vision. And yet, some hold back their tears making pearls of them by storing them in the shells of their hearts.


There is a mysterious might in holding tears in heart. These tears, as pearls, shine with beauty and happiness, spreading splendor around. Stories in the collection Treasure a Tear capture these heroic revolutionary moments in the lives of heroes among us.


Dr. Mamta Anand is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (English, Language and Literature) in the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur, M.P. For her research on Emerson she bagged an International Award from the Washington D.C. based Emerson Society in 2006. Dr. Anand also writes short stories. Some of them have been published in Journals of repute like Sahitya Akademi and Muse India.



Mamta Anand

Treasure a Tear

New Delhi: AuthorsPress. 2014.

Paperback: 74 pages

PRICE: Rs.195.



(Based on details sent by the author. Mar 28, 2015)

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