Feb 6 - Usha Kishore's second book of poetry launched

Night Sky Between The Stars’ is Usha Kishore’s second poetry collection, which encompasses the poet’s pre-occupation with Indian womanhood and articulates her concerns on a marginalised gendered identity. Drawing heavily from Sanskrit verse and Indian myth, Kishore challenges patriarchal texts, renders new voices to female mythical characters and creates an alternative dimension for Indian womanhood. In metaphor and metonymy, in ekphrastic verse; in lyrical images of goddesses, women and the monsoons, the poet voices a determined diasporic engagement with the motherland. Night Sky Between The Stars is a shift of paradigm from accepted conventions of myth; it is the verse of an exile writing home; it is an epitome of what Kishore qualifies as Lécriture feminine et indienne.


Usha Kishore is an award winning, Indian born British poet and translator from the Sanskrit. Kishore’s poetry has been published in journals in the UK, US, India, Ireland, Europe and Australia and has been anthologised by Macmillan, Hodder Wayland, Oxford University Press (all UK) and Harper Collins India.



Usha Kishore

Night Sky Between The Stars

Allahabad: Cyberwit.net. 2015.
ISBN: 9788182535664
Price: INR 185.

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