Dec 16 - Robert Bohm’s new book of poetry ‘What the Bird Tattoo Hides’

Robert Bohm has spent the last 45 years partly staying in India – in the village of Vijayanagara in Karnataka – and partly in the US. Married to Suman, an Indian, he has seen from close quarters and lived the Indian way of rural life. This collection of poems is a testimony to his keen sense of observation as well as his sensitivity as a poet. The noted poet K Satchidanandan comments in his foreword: “Bohm’s What the Bird Tattoo Hides is a poetry of witness at its best. In these poems and some very perspective prose pieces, he combines extraordinary observation with genuine understanding.”



Robert Bohm

What the Bird Tattoo Hides

Albuquerque, NM, USA: West End Press, 2014.

Pages: 166. Price: $17.95.



(Report by G S P Rao, Dec 16, 2014)


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