Dec 15 - Westland releases Sharath Komarraju’s ‘The Puppeteers of Palem’

Sharath Komarraju’s latest novel ‘The Puppeteers of Palem’ has been released by Westland.


The village of Rudrakshapalem awakens, and tells her tale. Five friends return to the village of their childhood to find that nothing seems to have changed and at the same time everything has. Whose voice is it that called them back, and whose hand is it that now hunts them down, one by one?


The Puppeteers of Palem is a mystery novel that promises to chill you to the bone!



Sharath Komarraju

The Puppeteers of Palem

Chennai: Westland Ltd., 2014.

Pages: 305. Price: Rs 350.



(Report by G S P Rao, Dec 15, 2014)

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