Sep 10 - Nida Sayed's speculative novel launched

Panaji, September 10, 2014— Nasty Secrets, one of the first novels written by a Goan in the genre of speculative fiction, was launched at Hotel Mandovi, Panaji on September 9, 2014. The book, which is the debut novel of Nida Sayed, was launched at the hands of Vishnu Surya Wagh, MLA, St Andre and Remo Fernandes renowned Goan musician and actor.


Speaking at the event, Vishnu Surya Wagh, MLA, St Andre and noted literary artist said, “Nida Sayed’s writing style, the creation of her characters and her unique narrative style takes one from the realm of reality to that of the supernatural”


Also present at the event was renowned Goan musician, Remo Fernandes. “Nida Sayed is the first Muslim Goan girl, that I know of, to write a novel.” he said, “She has mastery over language and expression in writing, more importantly originality. Art is all about originality and it is this factor that intrigued me the most about this book and its writer.”


The plot of Nasty Secrets revolves around three troubled teenagers who run away from home to the supposedly uninhabited village of Freely Ferns. While there, the teenagers encounter an unusual looking person, Dr Morfeu, who has super-human abilities. Over the course of the night, they discover that Dr Morfeu is the reason why the entire population of the village was wiped out decades ago.


Sharing her thoughts on her debut novel, Nasty Secrets, Nida Sayed says, “I have attempted to incorporate science fiction, mystery, fantasy and romance and woven them into one story. It wasn’t easy using so many ingredients and trying to make the perfect stew but I hope readers find the end result satisfactory.”


Currently working as an Image Executive at a reputed PR firm, Nida Sayed has previously worked as a journalist. She found her love for writing at a very young age and subsequently started working on Nasty Secrets when she was 18 years old.


Nasty Secrets, the novel, is soon to be available on online shopping portals in e-book format and print on demand.



(Report sent by Joanne D'Souza    Sep 10, 2014)



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