Sep 1 - Young Sonnet Mondal represents India at the Struga festival

Sonnet Mondal, a young poet from India, visited the famous Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia from 20th August to 26th August 2014 at the invitation of the organization committee. Sonnet participated in the prestigious “Bridges Poetry event” on the bridge of poetry in Struga and also performed poetry at several other places in Macedonia including Skopje on the final day of the event.


Other well-known poets from India who have earlier visited the Struga festival include Sudeep Sen and Rati Saxena among others but Sonnet could be the youngest from India to have participated in the event.


The Struga festival is a very prestigious one endorsed and sponsored by UNESCO and the Govt. of Macedonia. World famous Korean poet Ko Un was honoured with the prestigiousGolden Wreathaward and Scottish poet Harry Man won the “Bridges of Struga poetry award”.



(Based on report on Washington Bangla Radio  Sep 1, 2014)

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