Aug 31 - Sunil Uniyal’s translations of Ghalib’s verses released

Sunil Uniyal’s translation of selected verses of Ghalib, ‘Tears of Blood’ was recently released. The book contains poetic renderings of selected Urdu verse of Mirza Muhammad Asadullah Khan ‘Ghalib’ (1797-1869). These sixty-two ghazals and ninety other shers in English translation, present to the reader the amazing richness and beauty of Ghalib’s poetry. Acknowledged by many as the King of Urdu Ghazal, Ghalib belonged to a period when the Mughal Empire was crumbling and the British ultimately estabglished their paramountcy all over India. His ghazals mirror the vulnerability of Man, his grief and sense of loss, his unfulfilled longings, and his soul’d yearning for Eternal Beauty and Love. The strains of Sufi thought are clearly discernible in his poetry. Though a Muslim, he was liberal in his outlook towards other religions but ridiculed all ritualism and sectarianism of the priestly class. His poetry is indeed timeless and he remains the most oft-quoted poet of Urdu language and literatur.


Sunil Uniyal was born and brought up in Lucknow. He has been writing poems and haiku for the last thirty years and many have appeared in Muse India and other e-journals. His translation of Kabir’s devotional poems, The Target is Behind the Sky – Fifty Poems of Kabir was published by Low Price Publications, Delhi in 2012.


Tears of Blood is published by Partridge India. The book is priced at Rs 350/- (+ free delivery on Flipkart) for the Indian edition and $8.50 for the foreign edition (on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). Sunil Uniyal informs that the proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to a school for challenged kids in Lucknow.


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(Contributed by GSP Rao  Aug 31, 2014)

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