28 Nov 2013: "My Glass of Wine" - A novelette set for launch


Popular author Dr Kiriti Sengupta is coming up with his fifth book My Glass of Wine, releasing on December 24, 2013. One of his earlier books The Unheard I was reviewed in Muse India, Sep-Oct 2013 under the feature Non-fiction Writings.

After the success of his other four books – The Reciting Pens (his interviews of three published Bengali poets along with his translations of a few of their poems), The Unheard I (literary nonfiction), Byakul Shabdo Kichu (Bengali poetry), and Aay Na (Bengali nonfiction based on free verses) - this is Kiriti’s fifth book - a novelette based on autobiographic poetry, published by Author’s Empire.

Kolkata based Dental Surgeon Kiriti Sengupta is a well-known bilingual poet. He has also done several translation works both in Bengali and English. A proud member with the Inner Child Press, limited (USA), Kiriti’s earlier works have been published in e-zines, Tajmahal Review, Kritya, The Hans India, and in international anthologies – Heavens Above: Poetry Below (Canada), and Twist of Fate (USA).

My Glass of Wine features seven wonderful chapters with human emotions and relations. Throughout the book he tries to touch upon various cultural aspects in India, and of course he did not leave the core essence of love. Blessed his poetic soul!

While ‘As I Traversed’ talks about a beautiful romantic date between author and his wife, ‘My Glass of Wine’ scrutinizes religious fanaticism and author’s search for Christianity. In ‘My Sister’s Bhaiya,’ author focused on religion which “has left its profound mark in the psyche of Indians, but has failed to alter their behavioral pattern.” ‘In Southern Affiliation,’ the author praises south-Indian people for their warm hospitality and applauds them for representing “true flavor of the Indian culture.” In ‘Rains,’ Sengupta talks about love, which “is not a volatile thing, but a strong cerebral affair.” In ‘Clips,’ the author portrays parent-child relationship, and in ‘My Master and The Cover,’ he continues with his soul search.

The usage of brilliant illustrations in each chapter makes the book more attractive and worth keeping it. My Glass of Wine will be available in all the major bookstores and websites across the country.

Dr Kiriti Sengupta | My Glass of Wine | Novelette | Author’s Empire | Pages 75 | Price Rs 125 

For pre-booking, click on the link below:
ttp://www.kiritisengupta.com/books/my-glass-of-wine/ or mail to: preorder@kiritisengupta.com.

(Report by: U Atreya Sarma. Nov 28, 2013)

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