17 Dec 2012: VV Satyaprasad’s poetry books launched

In a well-attended meet at Annapurna 7 Acres Studio, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad at 6 pm on Sunday, the 16th December – two poetry books in Telugu of reputed poet ‘Kavi Mitra’ VV Satyaprasad were launched.

1. Padya Prasaadam contains poems on a wide assortment of themes – including the most mundane and the seemingly most frivolous and trivial - written with feeling, angst, élan, wit, and humour as appropriate to the context. Save a few in the free verse, all the poems in this 216 page volume are written in metres of various kinds.

2. Bhakti Prasoonaalu in 72 pages radiates devotional poems in different metrical genres on a host of Hindu gods and goddesses, godly personalities, divine icons, festive and sacred occasions. There are poems composed on visiting famous temples during the course of his pilgrimages – South India (Kanya Kumari, Rameswaram, Palani, Hampi, Vijayawada); North India (Amarnath, Vaishnodevi, Jwalamukhi, Bhakra-Nangal Naina Devi).

The books are embellished with cover design by legendary artist Bapu besides Foreword and impressions by eminent litterateurs – Dr Betavolu Ramabrahmam, Indraganti Srikant Sarma, Vamaraju Satyamurty, Vedula Chinna Venkata Chainulu, and Polapragada Rajyalakshmi.

The galaxy of literati included Rapaka Ekambaracharyulu, Indraganti Srikant Sarma, Jonnavittula Ramalingeswara Rao, Sudhama, Akkiraju Sundara Ramakrishna, Dr Sarat Jyotsnarani, Vamaraju Satyamurty, ‘Sadhana’ Narasimhacharyulu, Chillara Bhavani Devi, and Lakshmi Kiran. All of them brought out Satyaprasad’s passion for metrical poetry right from his early life. The beauty was he was able to continue with that passion in spite of the prosaic banking service he joined, from where he eventually retired. No wonder he is conspicuous in the Avadhanams (unique Telugu metrical-poetry feat of extempore versification and recitation from memory) as one of the eight questioners (prichchakas).

Satyaprasad’s poems have already gained such a popularity what with their ease of flow and melody that a battery of students from the AP Residential School, Nalgonda recited them from memory at the meeting chastely and with endearing clarity. The treat won instant and thunderous applause. This proved that despite the vested condemnation of Telugu metrical poesy in some quarters, it had caught on with even the present generation of youngsters and lads, the speakers asserted.

Everyone at the meet was convinced that the Telugu metrical poetry had come to stay, and what with its inherent multiple merits, it was bound to forge ahead - alive and kicking.

For copies:
VV Satyaprasad
Sairam Gardens, Flat # 103, Block-3
Yousufguda, Hyderabad-500038
Cell: 9849592738

(Reported by: U Atreya Sarma, Hyderabad on Dec 17, 2012)



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