Elizabeth Kurian’s 'Beyond Images' launched

  Elizabeth Kurian, Jagdish Mittal and Sanjay Jaju 


Debut book of poems Beyond Images penned by Elizabeth Kurian ‘Mona’ along with pen and ink sketches by Sushil Thapa of  Nepal was launched on Sep 1st in Hyderabad by Mr Sanjay Jaju, IAS under the auspices of  Sahitya Sangam International, a multilingual literary group. Padmasree Mr Jagdish Mittal was the chief guest and Dr. Suniti Satwalekar presided. The other speakers included Dr. Gopal Sharma,  Professor of  English, Wollega University, Ethiopia , Dr. M Venkateswar , former  Professor EFLU and Shashi Narayan Swadheen, editor of  Samvaad Setu. The programme was anchored by Vinita Sharma.

Sanjay Jaju said that Elizabeth Kurian ‘Mona’ is a poet who writes with equal ease in English, Hindi and Urdu and that her poetry reflects universal human experiences, emotions and issues relevant to society. Ordinary mortals see only the images, while poets can see beyond images. He said that the English of these poems is not the colonial one, but one that has become a language of this country also. The development of a nation is not to be measured by its GDP alone but by the growth of poets and artists too.


Padmasree Jagdish Mittal said that the simplicity of the poems, which are light and beautiful like butterflies, make the reading effortless. He praised the artist saying that Sushil Thapa has brought out the soul of all poems in the exquisite pen and ink sketches.


Dr. Gopal Sharma said that the poet has drawn from experiences of self and others in many poems which create empathy in the readers' minds. The poems and sketches compliment each other so well that it is difficult to say which has been done first. Elizabeth‘s English poems, translations, Hindi and Urdu poetry can see seen on innumerable sites on the internet. Her poetic skill reminds one of Kamala Das, the well known Malayali poet who wrote in English too.


Dr. Venateswar expressed the view that poetry has no language and that Mona’s language is poetry itself. She is a gifted poet and can translate her thoughts in many languages in simple and spontaneous words with emotion, sincerity and sensibility which compel the readers to go with the flow.


Shashi Narayan Swadheen  quoted MacNeice that the death of symbols is the death of society and focused on the use of symbols in the poems of Mona. He said though her mother tongue was Malayalam, she is a versatile multilingual poet and translator.


Elizabeth said that the release of 'Beyond Images' was a dream come true, which took years to be fulfilled. She said she was lucky that an accomplished artist like Sushil Thapa of Nepal had sent soulful sketches for her poems over a period of time. She placed on record her gratitude to Padmasree Jagdish Mittal and Prof. S.S. Prabhakar Rao who wrote forewords and the publisher Dr. Karunesh Agarwal, who had given his best to bring out such a good publication. She also thanked all those who had attended the book launch to share her joy.

The book launch was well attended by poets, journalists and well wishers. The book has been published by Cyberwit.net.


(Report submitted by Elizabeth Kurian ‘Mona’ on Sep 12, 2012)

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