K K Srivastava’s new book of poetry released

Shadows of the Real Srivastava’s third volume of poetry is released now. His poems, hermetic and evoking a plurality of ambivalent images, attempt to explore relationships between the real and the ephemeral. Man’s psychic life and his struggle between meaninglessness of what seems real and his attempts to reach the spheres of completeness are masked and known only slightly leading to his alienation and frailty. Shadows seeping from mental states that are so vague and indistinct that they do not rise in full consciousness and continue to remain part of unfurled shade are not hopeless muddle. Hedged with confused manifold of realities and confronted with an intangible and shapeless panorama of futilities, modern man’s quest for shadows that demystify the supposed splendour of sterile realities drifts on an unwalked road. Springing from such concerns Srivastava’s poetry encodes contemporary anxieties and makes one realize that shadows help us make sense of experience, perceptual process and conceptual reasoning and create the realm of more intense meanings beneath the real and unreal possibilities of our existence. Finally as the internationally acclaimed poet Jayanta Mahapatra says in his Foreword to this book, Srivastava’s poems which are about 'contemporary experience' have, “a rare grace which delights and amazes.”  

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