05 May 2017: Ashwani Kumar’s “Banaras and the Other” released

Banaras and the Other – a collection of poems by Ashwani Kumar – was released at the 2-day Mumbai Poetry Festival in April 2017. This is his second anthology, and part of a trilogy he has planned on major religious cities in India. K Satchidanandan and Ranjit Hoskote endorsed and released the book.

Among those who were present and read their poems were Jayanta Mahapatra, Keki Daruwala, Manglesh Dabral, Parabodh Parikh, Salil Tripathi, and Kamal Vora, as also and various Marathi and Gujarati poets.

Salil Tripathi delivered the keynote address. Here are a couple of related links.



With inputs received from Ashwani Kumar, Email: ashwanitiss@gmail.com

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