13 Apr 2017: Matwaala 2017 (South Asian Diaspora Poetry Festival), Apr 2628 in NY

Poets and students living in the New York area interested in supporting SA Arts are invited to the above poetry fest to be a participating poet or a member of the audience. See the flier above for the details.

The organisers are partnering with AAWW, the well-known Literary organization in NYC who is hosting “Matwaala: The Big Read” on Thursday, April 27, 2017, 7-9 pm.  A number of prominent and emerging poets will be reading at the event.

Matwaala is the first South Asian Poets Festival in the country, a worthy mission that the organisers hope will gain momentum and visibility in the coming years. This is the second edition of the festival. Matwaala creates this platform for the Diaspora poets – senior, emerging and youth. “No enterprise can survive without community support so we value your attendance and spreading the word,” say the organisers.

Any SA Poet who would like to read at “Matwaala: The Big Read” can contact Usha Akella with a brief bio and 1-2 poems. And anyone interested in publishing an article on Matwaala, can contact her. Usha’s email: usha.akella11@gmail.com.

Reported by: Usha Akella, Apr 12, 2017

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