07 Apr 2017: National Seminar on ‘Transplanting the Classics for a New Audience…’

A one-day national seminar on ‘Transplanting the Classics for a New Audience: Challenges of Adaptations’ was organised by the Department of English, Satyavati College (Evening) on April 6, 2017.

The pre-lunch session saw research scholars and students from various institutions present their research on adaptations of various texts including those by Hardy, CS Lewis, O’ Henry, RK Narayan, films such as Omkara, and Habib Tanvir’s Chhattisgarhi folk adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The post-lunch session involved scholarly multimedia presentations by eminent academics like Dr Madangopal Singh, Dr Poonam Trivedi and Dr Rekha Sethi, and famous personalities from various fields like Prof Kirti Jain (NSD), Sharad Dutt (Doordarshan luminary), Dr AJ Thomas (Guest Editor, Indian Literature, Sahitya Akademi), Rajiv Kumar Shukla (Dy. Director, AIR) and Anu Singh Chowdhary (Filmmaker) who spoke on myriad aspects of Adaptations and Transplanting classics through texts and movies.

Dr Madangopal detailed his exciting personal journey through his association with various films and filmmaking, while Prof Kirti Jain dwelt upon the specificities arising out of adapting Hindi classics for the stage. Dr Poonam Trivedi spoke on ‘Singing to Shakespeare in Omkara,’ and Dr Rekha Sethi took up the text and the film on ‘Shatranj ke khiladi’ by Premchand and Satyajit Ray respectively. Anu Singh Chowdhary dwelt upon her unique experience of filming a web series for the new, evolving audience and the subsequent attempt to adapt the web series into a novel. Dr AJ Thomas’s presentation veered around the film adaptation of Basheer’s ‘Mathilukal’ by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, while Sharad Dutt spoke about Rahi Masoom Raza’s adaptations of the Mahabharata and Adha Gaon. Finally, Rajiv Kumar Shukla’s presentation about ‘Radio Adaptations of Chekhov’ brought in another crucial auditory dimension of adaptations into the discourse.

Seminar convener Dr Anamika (herself an acclaimed poet and academic), Dr Antaryami Naik and Dr Rameshwer conducted the proceedings with novelty. The entire vibrant Department of English, Satyavati College (Evening) must be commended for bringing together resource persons from such diverse backgrounds onto one platform for the benefit of students and researchers alike.

Reported by: Kalyanee Rajan, Asst. Professor, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, Delhi University

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