4 May 2012: Srinivas Sistla’s Translation of "Manu Charitra" launched

Srinivas Sistla's Allasani Peddana: Manu Charitra was released in 2012. Allasani Peddana, regarded as the grand patriarch of Telugu poetry, was the poet laureate in the court of the Vijayanagar emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya; and his magnum opus in Telugu – Manu Charitra – is one of the five greatest poetic classics in Telugu literature of all time. The work deals with the birth of the second Manu, Swarochisha. “In its first complete translation in English, Sistla presents a near faithful version along with a comprehensive introduction and an afterword, which explores the allegory of the poem.” 

An added attraction is the profusion of 183 pictures – photos of sculptures, figurines, murals, paintings, and monuments related to the text.

Pages 404, Price Rs495, Overseas US $ 20. 

For copies of the books contact the author at sistlasrini@gmail.com

Sistla’s translation of Sri Krishna Deva Raya’s Amuktamalyada into English had been reviewed in the Jul-Aug 2010 issue of Muse India

Sistla’s wife, Suseela, is a postgraduate in Carnatic Music, and their children are Amukta and Srikar. Sistla received a research grant from the UGC, and the Junior Fellowship from the HRD Ministry, Government of India.

(Reported by U Atreya Sarma, Hyderabad. May 4, 2012)

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