02 Mar 2017: Prof Shiv K Kumar no more

Prof GJV Prasad from New Delhi reports:

Just heard that Prof Shiv K Kumar died yesterday [on Mar 1, 2017]. In an interview to The Hindu a few years ago, Shiv K Kumar said, “Some are born old, some die young. I belong to the latter category."

Shiv K Kumar was a versatile writer – a poet, novelist, and translator, he also wrote a play and published two collections of short stories. He was also a well-known academic who had many books to his credit. I interviewed him many years ago and he said his first love was poetry, love poetry to be precise. It is no surprise that he has two collections of poetry written in Urdu, which he characterised as the high voltage language of love.

Shiv K Kumar had a leading role to play in the setting up of the English department at the University of Hyderabad, even if he thought in later years that academics was a waste of time! A born conversationalist, he will continue to speak through his works.

Report by: GJV Prasad, New Delhi   gjvprasad@yahoo.com  Mar 2, 2017

Editor (News & Events) adds: We at Muse India deeply regret the demise of the literary stalwart. We fondly recall that Muse India felicitated Prof Shiv K Kumar, as a special guest, at the inaugural of the first HLF2010.

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