20 Feb 2017: New and Vintage Stories by Keki N Daruwalla released

On Thursday, Feb 16, 2017, Niyogi Books released renowned poet and novelist Keki N Daruwalla’s latest book of short stories. The event was held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The book, titled Daniell Comes to Judgment: New and Vintage Daruwalla is a collection that showcases the author’s enduring range. The new stories are first person narratives, most of them voices of women in cities. There are also vintage stories, beautifully navigating between myth and reality.

At the event, the author was in conversation with Ritu Menon (Writer, Publisher and Founder of Kali for Women) and Pushpesh Pant (Academic, Food Critic and Historian). The panel discussion was extremely lively, with some great questions by the panellists and equally great and interesting responses from the author. Both the panellists also regaled the audience with memories of their initial acquaintances with the author. The discussion touched upon the author’s mastery of poetry and prose alike, his new style that is a departure from his earlier stories in village settings, writing in third person versus first person, and writing from a woman’s perspective.

The event was attended by literature enthusiasts, publishers, the staff and editor of Niyogi Books, and fans of Keki N Daruwalla. The audience not only enjoyed the discussion, but also got a chance to hear so many perspectives, and know a little more about the master wordsmith Keki N Daruwalla.

Report by: Preeta Chandran, New Delhi

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