05 Jan 2017: Dr Kothapalli Ghana Syamala no more

Dr Kothapalli Ghana Syamala Prasada Rao (07 Jul 1937 – 30 Dec 2016), a prolific writer and orator is no more. He passed away on Dec 30, 2016 in Hyderabad where he had settled down after retirement from his academic career. Born at Kaikalur (Krishna Dist., AP), he was a gold medallist in PhD (Sanskrit) from Andhra University. Earlier he did his MA (Sanskrit) and BA (English Literature). A Reader in Sanskrit at SKBR College, Amalapuram (1965-1995), he was proficient in Telugu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. He was an Ashta Avadhani, a poet in Telugu/Sanskrit who performs the feat of extempore composition and recital of poetry that demands accepting and answering the challenges of eight literary interrogators, multi-tasking focus, photographic memory, vast-and-profound erudition, knowledge of current affairs, spontaneity, wit and repartee. Besides writing in Telugu and English, he was also a translator from Hindi. Specialising in epics, history, temple architecture and lore, patriotic literature, oil paintings etc, he scripted a number of radio ballets in Telugu and delivered a number of radio talks in Sanskrit. He was all India member of NBT (2001-03), All India Vice President of Sanskara Bharati, and Founder Secretary of AP Jateeya Sahitya Parishat.

Report by: BS Sarma, Hyderabad, bssarma56@gmail.com

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