4 May 2012: Malsawmi Jacobís 6th book launched

Malsawmi Jacob, originally a native of Mizoram, and currently living in Mumbai is a poet and story writer. 

With already five books to her credit, she has now come out with The Messiah (Feb 2012), to retell the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a modern narrative idiom. 

The blurb says:- 

The Messiah lived about 2000 years ago. In his lifetime he was loved or hated, worshipped by some and considered not fit to live by others. Why did he evoke such strong reactions? What did he have to say about himself? And what is his relevance today? 

This book, while retelling the Messiah’s life story, gives answers to these questions.  

“What makes The Messiah even more readable is Malsawmi’s conversational, yet elegant style – it effectively turns the reader into a listener, engrossed in a story being told by a master storyteller.” – Prof L Balagopal, EFL University, Hyderabad 

Pages 172, Price 150,

For copies contact GLS Publishing, Mumbai at glsindia@vsnl.com 

(Reported by: U Atreya Sarma, Hyderabad.  May 4, 2012)

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