17 Nov 2016: Book Launch cum Seminar on "Premchand in World Languages: New Frontiers in Premchand Scholarship"

New Delhi: 16 Nov 2016

Premchand Archives and Literary Centre (JPALC) Jamia  Millia  Islamia in collaboration with publishers Routledge/ Taylor & Francis Group organised a book launch cum  seminar on the topic “Premchand in World Languages: New Frontiers in Premchand Scholarship” on 16th November at 10:00 am at the Tagore Hall, Dayar-e Mir Taqi Mir, Jamia Millia Islamia. The welcome note was given by Sabiha A Zaidi, Director, JALPC, while the book, Premchand in World Languages: Translation, Reception and Cinematic Representations by M. Asaduddin, published by Routledge/ Taylor & Francis Group was released by former Vice Chancellor of the University, Shahid Mehdi, accompanied by stalwarts such as Vasudha Dalmia, Harish Trivedi and Abdul Bismillah. Sharing opening remarks about the book, Mehdi lauded the publication as a unique and significant contribution to the field of Premchand Scholarship.

While introducing the book, M Asaduddin shared his experience of working with the many contributors of diverse nationalities and scholarship, and described how the book developed into its present form from the three-day international seminar on “Premchand in Translation,” held in 2012. Harish Trivedi, also a contributor to the book, delivered the presidential address, underscoring the indispensable contribution of the book in several fields – translation studies, cultural studies, reception studies, and world literature, to name a few. Trivedi also illuminated several aspects of Premchand scholarship stemming from the current engagement that merit attention and need to be addressed in several subsequent volumes. This was followed by a business session chaired by Vasudha Dalmia, which saw engaging presentations on diverse themes of the book by some contributors and academics like Abdul Bismillah, Sonya Surabhi Gupta, Rashmi Doraiswamy and Shailendra Kumar Singh. It was followed by a constructive question and answer session by the rapt audience comprising faculty members, seasoned academics and students, with many significant pointers raised and engaged with.

Report by: Kalyanee Rajan, New Delhi

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