6 May 2016: Muse India guest editor Sami Ahmad Khan is a PhD now!

Readers would recall that Muse India brought out a well-received ‘Feature on Indian Science Fiction’ in its May-Jun 2015 issue and that its Guest Editor was Sami Ahmad Khan. Muse India is glad to broadcast that Sami had received his PhD (English) in Feb 2016 from JNU, Delhi. The thesis which had been submitted to the university’s Centre for English Studies in Jul 2015 was entitled “Star Warriors of the Modern Raj: A Critical Study of Science Fiction in Indian English (SFIE).” It explores contemporary Indian SF written in English, and unearths the linkages between Science Fiction, politics, culture and technology, and studies how SF and the material realities of its production and consumption contour each other.

Sami is the author of the much acclaimed Red Jihad, and his second novel Aliens in Delhi is due for release.

Hearty congrats to Sami Ahmad Khan! Muse India wishes him further laurels in his career.

(Based on inputs received from Sami Ahmad Khan on May 2, 2016)

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