7 Apr 2016: “The Spectacular Miss” by Sonia Bahl unveiled

Kolkata, April 2016: The Spectacular Miss, a novel by Sonia Bahl was unveiled at The Bengal Club, Kolkata on March 24th.  The launch event was attended by Kolkata’s literary and media elite with Usha Uthup as a special guest. MP Dinesh Trivedi, actor and director Jayant Kriplani, brand building guru and theatre personality Sumit Roy, concept jewellery designer Eina Ahluwalia, Oxford Bookstore’s Maina Bhagat were some of the well-known Kolkata personalities present.

An audaciously funny yet heart-tugging narrative, The Spectacular Miss is a story of missed chances and a misfit, spanning twenty years from Calcutta to London. Nira, named after her two older brothers Nikhil and Rahil (Ni+Ra), not only wants to be like them, she also wants to stand and pee like them. At eight, she refuses to let biology get in the way; she turns a deaf ear, a blind eye and sometimes even a foul mouth to all its unreasonable boundaries. Ra, the affectionate, ten-year older brother, finds her atrocious ways adorable and even bragworthy. But it’s the skilfully written character of his best friend Bir, who chooses to indulge all of Nira’s wildest and wackiest schemes. We watch her grow from a swaggering tomboy to a reluctant woman-in-progress…always yearning for what she can’t be and who she can’t have.

Energy and wit leap off the very first page and pulsate through to the last. But what makes Bahl’s writing shine is her unmistakable flair for the language, it can make you laugh out loud in one line and tug your heart in the next. Having already received some noteworthy reviews even before its official launch, The Spectacular Miss is now also being considered for a full-length feature film.

Born and raised in Kolkata, Sonia Bahl has lived and worked in Jakarta, Miami, Johannesburg, Brussels and Singapore, making ads for everything from candy to condoms. She threw caution and her full time job as Executive Creative Director, McCann-Erickson in Indonesia, to the winds and embarked on her screenwriting journey in the US. She now works on original and commissioned screenplays for Hollywood and Bollywood. The Spectacular Miss is her debut novel. Sonia resides and writes in Singapore.   

In a world dominated with social media anxiety where the lack of “Likes” and FOMO (fear of missing out) can bring on full blown panic attacks, The Spectacular Miss is a refreshing reminder of how everyone at some point is a misfit and that’s just fine. As Sonia Bahl says “…it’s a shout-out to the underdog, the misfit – celebrate different, stay authentic.”

Email: Soniabahl.ink@gmail.com | Twitter: @soniabahl

Official Facebook Page:  http://bit.ly/1LTCArs

Paperback: 240 pages | Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 Feb 2016)

Available on Amazon.in, Uread, Flipkart, Infibeam.com and all major bookstores in India.

Amazon.in reviews:  http://amzn.to/1pOefsx

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