12 Mar 2016: “Ripples and Reflections” by Venugopala Rao Kaki launched

Ripples and Reflections, a collection of poems by Dr Venugopala Rao Kaki, was launched at PR Government Degree College, Kakinada on Feb 19, 2016. It was unveiled by chief guest Prof T Viswanatha Rao, former HoD (English) and Special Officer of    AUPG Centre, Kakinada.  SM Kompella, noted columnist and lecturer in English (Retd) was guest of honour. The faculty and the students of the English department as well as media persons attended the function which was befittingly organized by V Srinivasa Rao, HoD (English) who was ably assisted by his departmental colleagues. 

V Srinivasa Rao invited the chief guest, the guest of honour and the poet onto the dais. Introducing the poet Dr Venugopala Rao to the audience, V Srinivasa Rao recalled his long association with him, and how Venugopala Rao was lost in the world of poetic imagination, composing beautiful poems and published them in various literary journals and newspapers. Prof T Viswanatha Rao in his scholarly speech described Venugopala Rao as a born poet to whom poetry was a spontaneous reaction to express his thoughts on varied aspects of society. While reviewing his poetry, the professor stated that Venugopala Rao was an imagist of imagists and his poetry was simple and message-oriented. Quoting the poem “The Best Teacher” from Ripples and Reflections, he elaborated that the messages Venugopala Rao conveyed through his poems were simple and straight. He observed that like a traditional Indian sage, Venugopala Rao was deeply steeped in Indian tradition which was amply reflected in his poetry; and that his poems were beautiful and quite inspiring.

SM Kompella portrayed Venugopala Rao as a highly-gifted poet endowed with fertile imagination and a profound vision. A noted columnist and free-lancer, Kompella recalled how hard it was to get one’s poems published in a national newspaper like The Indian Express (now the New Indian Express); and how Venugopala Rao’s poems were almost regularly published in its magazine-section in 1980s. This was a clear demonstration of the poetic talent and craftsmanship of Venugopala Rao. Kompella noticed a marked influence of Rabindranath Tagore on Venugopala Rao’s poems.

Responding to the compliments, the poet Venugopala Rao thanked the dignitaries and everyone concerned who made the launch a grand success. He expressed that his three decades of journey with the Muse had yielded over 700 poems, 40 short-stories, 80 haiku and a considerable number of critiques apart from a huge body of articles published in newspapers. He was immensely happy that a prestigious publishing house like the Authorspress had published his book. Dwelling  on  the creative  process and his way of penning poems, Venugopala Rao voiced that only when  he  was  possessed by an idea, electrified by an emotion and captured by  a vision, did he withdraw into his poetic cocoon and churn out poems  in that state of  inspiration. “What SM Kompella   observed with regard to the influence of Tagore on my poetry is true and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore   ever remains the eternal source of my poetic inspiration,” confirmed the poet.  Averse to the idea of being caged in a few particular themes, he stated that he longed to compose his poems on every subject beneath the sun and that he always wished his poems to be spontaneous and natural in a simple language.

The function concluded with the felicitation of the poet by the Department of English, PR Government Degree College.

Report by: Kaki Venugopala Rao, Kakinada, kakivenugopalarao@gmail.com, Mar 12, 2016

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