6 Mar 2016: Creative Portrait Art Exhibition in New Delhi

The Creative Portrait Art Exhibition was held at the Lokayukta Art Gallery in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, from Feb 26 to Mar 3, 2016. The exhibition was curated by Kishore Shanker, founder of ARTinfoINDIA.com (an organization based in Gurgaon and dedicated to the field of Visual Arts), to showcase the creative potential of portrait artists. The portrait artists included painters, photographers, and illustrators, who have expressed themselves through a portrait, that is, a form of art in which the face and its expression is predominant.

The exhibition included 30 artists of India, displaying varied mediums of visual expressions like paintings, photographs, illustrations, and graphics. A few of the participating artists were Aarti Sharma, Anju Kulchania, Ishwar Gupta, Kishore Shanker, Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Prince Raj, Santosh Kaalia, Sudhir Tripurari, and Vinod Chauhan. While some of the participating artists are popular, award-winning professionals in the field of art, others are young students. It was interesting to see the variety; and heartening to note that everyone was given an even platform.

The event generated a lot of footfall and some great feedback from the audiences as well as the participating artists. As Kishore Shanker aptly put it, portrait art very powerfully captures the personality and mood of a person. This is an art form that has existed throughout the ages.

Report by: Preeta Chandran, preetachandran@yahoo.com on Mar 6, 2016

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