23 Feb 2016: Muse India fiction attracts translator Soma Sankar Kolluri

Muse India has carved a niche for itself, and especially the fiction published in it has attracted an experienced Hyderabad-based translator, Soma Sankar Kolluri, to render six stories from it into Telugu and publish them in Telugu dailies or e-zines.

The latest that Soma Sankar has translated is the short story “Reminiscences” by Tulsi Charan Bisht (Muse India, May-Jun 2013). Titled “Masakabaarina Jnaapakaalu” in Telugu, the translated version has appeared in Vaakili Webzine, February 2016. Link: http://vaakili.com/patrika/?p=10188 

The other five stories from Muse India he has translated & published are:

“That Kind of a Place” (Muse India, May-Jun 2007) by Chand Raj MK (Self-translated by from his Malayalam original). The Telugu version with title “Ranarangam Kaani Chotu” was published in   the Sunday Magazine of Prajasakti daily, Jun 24, 2007. (Forging friendship with MK Chand Raj, Soma Sankar went on translating five more stories of his into Telugu.) “Ramu’s Fate” (Muse India, Nov-Dec 2007) by Shyamal Banerjee. The Telugu version with title “Missing” was published in the Sunday Magazine of Prajasakti, Sep 28, 2008. “Vishnu and the Two Glasses of Milk” (Muse India, May-Jun 2010) by Vibha Batra. The Telugu version with the title “Annaiah, Paalu Taagavaa” was published in the Sunday Magazine of Praja Sakti, Aug 3, 2014. “God’s Own Taxi” by Ajay Patri (Muse India, May-Jun 2015) rendered into Telugu under the title “Shoonyam Nunchi Poornam Varaku” was published in the Yaaminii Webzine (May 31, 2015 & Jun 14, 2015). “The Ebbing Sea” (Muse India, Sep-Oct 2015) by Mavji Maheswari (original in Gujarati) and translated into English by Manoj Chhaya. The Telugu version with the title “Samudramanta Sankalpam” was published in the Sunday Magazine of Nava Telangana, Nov 8, 2015.

Soma Sankar has so far translated 107 short stories into Telugu. For details, click the link: http://teluguanuvadam.com/?page_id=152. He has also translated fiction and non-fiction for commercial publishers. “Anandam Mee Sontam” (Emesco Books) was published in 2009. And the following four books are awaiting publication by the same publisher. Telugu versions of “The Education of Man” by Friedrich Frobel; “The Idea of Justice” by Prof Amartya Sen; “Yoga Nidra” by NC Panda (Saktipada); and “Instant Tools for Blissful Living” by Nityananda.  

Another publication is his translation of a travelogue into Telugu with title “Prayananike Jeevitam.” Some of his translated stories have been made into eBooks. And he has brought out a collection of the stories he has translated under the title “Money Plant.”  For more details, check the link: http://teluguanuvadam.com/?page_id=26.

A Bachelor of Arts and a holder of PG Diploma (HRM) and Bhasha Praveena (Hindi), Soma Sankar is also into translation of training materials, policy documents etc. After quitting kinige.com, an eBook company, where he worked till recently, he has turned into an independent full-time translation professional. 

Soma Sankar Kolluri can be contacted at: somasankar@gmail.com

Report by: U Atreya Sarma, Editor (News & Events), Muse India, atreyasarma@gmail.com

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