Ramesh Anand's first book of haiku released

The first volume of haiku verse by Ramesh Anand titled "Newborn SmilesĒ was published by Cyberwit.Net in Feb 2012 and is priced at Rs. 200. The Preface has been written by Kala Ramesh and Patricia Prime.

Ramesh Anand is a Senior R&D Engineer based in Johor, Malaysia. His life experiences, as Haiku moments, and his long verses, have been published or are forthcoming in worldís premier print journals, anthologies, Japanese newspapers, magazines, e-zines and e-Journals. His Haiku are translated in Tamil, Serbian, Japanese and forthcoming in German languages. His online publications can be read at http://www.ramesh-inflame.blogspot.com

Some comments on the book

The main themes of Anandís haiku concentrate on the seasons, flowers, the weather, and the poetís family. Anandís double allegiances to both his Indian background and the world of European haiku emerge through particular motifs. Here, for example, we have references to the monsoon, the mosque, elephants and the wallah, alongside haiku that refer to the more traditional themes of the natural world: springís end, winter twilight, autumn dawn, maple leaves and cloud pause.


In a haiku climate which is choc-a-bloc with innovative work, this collection assumes the need for haiku to move the human heart, to confront the everyday, but not to be imprisoned by them, and to hearten the reader to continue his or her own journey through the reading and writing of haiku.  And throughout, the image recur, both natural and of the heart, out of which Anand invites his readers to make a journey with him.


                                                                -- Patricia Prime (in the Preface to the book)


Ramesh Anandís haiku deeply evokes moods of nostalgia. Thanks to the imagery he has used in his poems, we have the wonderful opportunity to reflect on experiences that have been dear and tender to us.


                                                                        -- K. Ramesh, author of Soap Bubbles.


The vibrancy of your homeland, the strength of a young husband and father, a sonís devotion to his parents; this is a poignant life and, as good haiku do, shares its beauty, its frailty, and your love for it.


                                                         -- Jennie Townsend, Kukai Secretary, Haikuworld


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