K S Subramanian's Second Book of Verse Published

The second volume of verse by K.S.Subramanian titled "Treading on gnarled sand" was published by Writers Workshop in July 2011. This is a sequel to his first volume "Ragpickers" released in November, 1996.


The poet deals with multi-faceted aspects of life at present, focussing on the alienation of the intellect. Some of the poems are centred on despair in the middle class milieu and its inability to cope with it.  The poet has taken care not to be reflective on personal emotions alone but also covers broad-based public themes. He has also assiduously stuck to conventional meter and rhythm, wherever necessary and dictated by the theme. 

Reviewing the book, The Hindu says, “Treading on Gnarled Sand, a publication by [Writers Workshop], is a collection of 58 short poems by K.S. Subramanian, his second volume. The title sounds like a metaphor on man's journey through the knobbly and rough areas, recalling H.W. Longfellow's oft-quoted expression, “footprints on the sands of time.” Only, Longfellow's is a clarion call for faith and progress, while Subramanian's is a nostalgic peep into the lost paradise. These poems, arranged in seven sections, cover a wide range of themes, personal and public.”


With 122 pages, the book is priced at Rs.150. 

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