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Editor Atreya Sarma presents you a mix of stories by 13 writers with a rather out-of-the way range of themes – the politico-military-scientific mystery; the spooky; the occult; the anthropomorphic; the terrorist machinations, etc., and a moving Partition time love story rooting for the roots by Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhary (in pic); besides flash fiction by Andrew Rooney. >>>


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The 11 articles/essays, presented by Editor Charajeet Kaur, include critiques of the works of Amitav Ghosh, Hansda Shekhar, Amrita Pritam, Afsar Ahmed, Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya, and one on Tagore by Ananya Dutta Gupta (in pic). Nicholas Grene and Sami Ahmed Khan are interviewed by Pawan Kumar and Atreya Sarma respectively. >>>

Reviewed are 7 books – 5 fiction (3 of them translated from Marathi/Odiya/Telugu), one poetry and one literary criticism. Ananya Sarkar reviews Volga’s collection of Sahitya Akademi winning stories; Mala Pandurang (in pic) reviews Sultan Somjee’s novel ‘Home Between Crossings.’ Equally interesting are the other reviews including Subhash Chandra’s ‘Not Just Another Story’. >>>

Enjoy the “delightful fiction” from 6 writers – Mondit Mayur Mohanta, Nabanita Sengupta, Narayani Das, Nilutpal Gohain, Sangeeth Simon, Jayaram Vengayil (in pic) – as presented by Editor Smitha Sehgal, who expects to receive “best fiction” of “uncompromising” quality. >>>

“…a force that can bring a great realization of love, truth and peace,” as put by Editor Ambika Ananth, pulsates in the 32 poems by the 9 poets – Arunima Takiar, Debatri Das, Maere Damisr, Parvinder Mehta (in pic), Sheel Galada, Shernaz Wadia, Shweta Mishra, Venkata Chandeeswar, Zinia Mitra. >>>

Pinaki Gayen & Art Editor Priyadarshi Patnaik present ‘Contemporary Young Art of India: Part 2’ by 12 artists from various parts of the country for a “visual experience [that] is as varied as it is enthralling with rich new ideas and dreams. Part 1 appeared in Issue No. 69 (Sep-Oct 2016). >>>

Muse India Translation Awards 2017
Entries Invited by Jul 31, 2017

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12 Jun 2017: Jnan Pith laureate Dr C Narayana Reddy no more

11 Jun 2017: Adyo Shesh Rajani: A Tale of Despair? Or a Transition of Bengali Theatre?

29 May 2017: “My Friendship with Yoga” is globe-trotting…

08 May 2017: Poems invited: Anthology on Universal Oneness

05 May 2017: Ashwani Kumar’s “Banaras and the Other” released

03 May 2017: Announcement: Haiku Workshop by Kala Ramesh in Delhi

27 Apr 2017: ‘Sopanatatvam’ - A unique book on the temple music of Kerala

21 Apr 2017 - 7th Premchand Memorial Lecture at Jamia Millia Islamia on Apr 18, 2017

15 Apr 2017 - International foray of “My Friendship with Yoga” by Revathi Raj Iyer

13 Apr 2017: Prof SK Palhan’s “Self-Effectiveness: The Power of Meditation” launched


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