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Coinciding with the Tamil New Year, our Contributing Editor (Tamil Literature) Rajaram Brammarajan brings out a feisty feature on Tamil Writing with a predominance of poetry contributed mostly by younger women writers. He also analyses the state of the contemporary novel and translation in Tamil literature. In addition to K S Subramanian who has penned an article on ‘Sangam Women Poetry,’ besides translating 9 poems of Sangam women poets, we have 9 poets – Devathachan, Kavin Malar, Leena Manimekalai, Nundhakumaran, Paampaati Siddhan, Perundevi, Riyas Qurana, Thenmozhi Dass, and Veyyil – shining in the Feature. The lone short fiction is from the pen of Lakshmi Kannan. >>>


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Editor Charanjeet Kaur presents nine literary expositions. Aju Mukhopadhyay interviews nonagenarian Bengali writer Nirendranath Chakraborty; Anjali Singh interviews Rajni Tilak, well-known Dalit writer & activist. Also read ‘Voices from Persia and Ireland’ by Dilip Jhaveri; ‘The Long Shadow of Partition’ by Charanjeet Kaur; ‘Roots of Patriarchy’ by Kamla Bhasin & Shilpi Das; ‘Determinants of Translation’ by Aditya Kumar Panda (in pic); ‘Men in Theatrical Performance’ by Rachana Pandey; ‘Girish Karnad’s Naga-Mandala’ by Madhvi Lata; Kamayani Kumar – ‘Mediating Partition narratives through Visual Culture’. >>>

Here are appetising reviews of 9 books across genres – Biography, Fiction, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Non-fiction (including a Yoga guide). Ananya Sarkar reviews ‘Halfway Up A Hill’; Jaydeep Sarangi – ‘At the Crossroads of Culture and Literature’; KV Raghupathi (in pic) – ‘My Friendship with Yoga’; Lakshmi Kannan – ‘Encounters with People and the Angels of Hope’; Pratibha Kumari Singh – ‘A Gift of Goddess Lakshmi’; Revathi Raj Iyer – ‘In Other Words’; Srinivas Reddy – ‘Mahabharata: A Modern Retelling’; Sunaina Jain – ‘The Tree with a Thousand Apples’; Usha Kishore – ‘The Ending of Arrogance: Ksemendra’s Darpa Dalana’. >>>

Enjoy a wide variety of short stories with different backgrounds, and engagingly told by veteran as well as young writers – Ashok Patwari, Bodhisatwa Ray, Chaganti Nagaraja Rao, Jindagi Kumari (in pic), Lopa Mukherjee, Niyantha Shekar, Rajarshi Banerjee, Revathi Raj Iyer, Sharath Suryan, and Sridhar Venkatasubramanian. >>>

‘The poems,’ by as many as 12 poets, presented in this issue, ‘are like paintings on the unfolding canvas of life, with penetrating thoughts and poetic feelings filling their indelible hues and shades,’ describes Editor Ambika Ananth. The poets are – Ashfaqh Hasan (in pic), BR Nagpal, Jim Wungramyao Kasom, Leena Sharma, Malcolm Carvalho, Md Ziaul Haque, Nitya Swaruba, Nuggehalli Pankaja, Prem Kumar, Madhabi Das (Trans. Subhasree Chatterjee), Sunaina Jain, and Ubaidullah Pandit. >>>

The what, why and how of the overlooked tradition of the Calendar Art is fascinatingly presented by Art Editor Priyadarshi Patnaik, who says: ‘This photo feature by Pinaki Gayen and Gobinda Banik, based on a small locality of Kolkata, attempts to answer some of these questions.’ >>>

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